Green Builder Media's April 16, 2015 Vantage Enewsletter
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DuPont Tyvek Homewrap

Drought Map
Drought Dilemma Challenges Unlimited Growth When it comes to water, California is running out of options—and time. Suffering through its fourth year of excruciating drought...the state’s snow pack is at an all-time low...Governor Brown has issued unprecedented water restrictions...surface and ground water is quickly drying up...crop and pasture losses are escalating.

Water Wise Plants
Florida's Blow to Solar; California Promotes Water-Wise Plants Mike Collignon of the Green Builder Coalition reports on Florida's decision to eliminate solar rebates while California reins in homeowners associations' restrictions on drought-tolerant plants.

Connected Car White Paper
Trend Shows Potential for Connected Vehicles This 40-page report includes information from surveys, focus groups and data collection, showing that vehicles have huge potential to become part of the emerging Internet of Things.

Sustainable Deck roundup
Sustainable Deck Roundup Summer grilling is just around the corner. Check out new technologies that are making deck composites more attractive and sustainable.

Velo Bike
Rain or Shine Bike Commute This solar-charged vehicle is still priced too high, but the concept is good, and you could always hook a larger solar array up to a less expensive e-bike.

Green Goings On
Green Goings-On Looking to network with like-minded, green building professionals? Check out our Green Goings On listing, which is regularly updated with information about important upcoming green conferences and events.

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