Download The Homeowner's Handbook of Green Building and Remodeling

The 2023 Homeowner's Handbook of Green Building & Remodeling

Homeowners Handbook of Green Remodeling 2023-1

When it comes to green building and green remodeling, there definitely is the "right stuff" to do. Green Builder magazine editors sifted through the core aspects of a house and organized a guide that will help you get the most enjoyment out of your home--all while living lighter on the planet and saving money, including info on: 

  • Which renovations make sense now? 
  • Highlighted products chosen by Green Builder editors help you avoid greenwashing.
  • The important (and cool) role of "castoffs" in any green home.
  • 10 ways to squeeze every kilowatt out of your kitchen's efficiency. 
  • Solutions for short-lived appliances. 
  • Which home energy hacks actually work.

And so many more answers to your burning questions about eco-friendly homes!

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