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Safeguard Your Home This Winter From Ice Dam Formation

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Feb 6, 2017 1:18:48 PM

Those beautiful icicles on your home might indicate a problem.

Some timely advice from tucsonlocalmedia.com on the hazards that icicles can pose for homeowners.


Icicles form as the result of a poorly insulated attic or roof. Warm air travels up through gaps in the ceiling into the attic or roof space. The warm air escapes through the roof to cause any snow that has accumulated, to melt. As the melted snow runs off the roof, it begins to re-freeze as it nears the colder temperatures of the eaves. This creates an ice dam.

Ice dam formation can cause a range of problems, which if left unaddressed, can quickly become a very expensive problem to fix. Ice dams can place a large amount of structural stress on your eaves trough. The excess weight can eventually drive the eaves trough to detach from the house. Additionally, the continual build-up of ice can lift shingles, allowing melted snow to penetrate into the roof and leak into the home. The ingress of moisture alone can cause all sorts of potential problems, from unsightly water stains to damage to electrical work. Furthermore, prolonged dampness in an area such as the attic can leave any existing insulation sodden as well as create an environment where mold and mildew can develop.

The complete article with more information on reducing the risk for ice dam formation can be found here.

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