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Natural and Organic Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Posted by Ralf Schwiede, Brisas Carpet Care

Feb 10, 2017 12:35:04 PM

Blow away all the dust from your carpets with natural and organic carpet cleaning techniques.

Carpets are made stain-resistant but not stain-proof. From coffee to red wine stains and skin flakes, dust, dirt, food crumbs and anything that has come in the house from pets and shoes get trapped in the carpet. To maintain a healthy environment and to prolong the life of your carpet, regular cleaning is required.

For maintaining the health of your carpets, you will require professional experts . Their knowledge and expertise will preserve the investment you have made into your floor.

Clean your carpets with hot water extraction

For your residential and commercial carpet floors, hot water extraction is an effective method for carpet cleaning . Hot, soft water and an organic cleaning solution are injected into the fiber, to break up and loosen the dust particles, soil, and grime. Then, hot water is sprayed at high pressure for extraction, which leaves the fiber fresh and clean. Natural fibers can be cleaned easily with hot water extraction at a low temperature to prevent shrinking.

Vacuum all the dust away

Carpets are large air filters and trap dust mites and other allergens, which is a cause of major concern for people suffering from asthma and allergies. To maintain your indoor air quality, regularly vacuuming the carpet is important. Also, to manage your home hygiene and to add years to the life of your carpet, vacuuming is essential.

Organically cleaned carpets

Organic cleaning means cleaning with natural products. Organic carpet cleaning is also called green carpet cleaning. Citrus products are commonly used for green cleaning. Chemicals, synthetics, and ammonia-free detergents are used for organic cleaning. Organic products are made allergy-prone for the health of your family and pet.

Your beautiful carpet with red wine stains

Don’t let that red wine stain on your beautiful, plush carpet scare you. There are various ways to remove that stain. One, you can clean it by using basic cleaning products like baking soda, salt, club soda, vinegar, dish soap and carpet stain remover. Second, you can take professional help if you can’t tackle the stain right away. Professional helpers use organic cleaning products, which are safe for your carpet and home.

Hire carpet cleaners

To remove troublesome allergens from your carpets, you require professional help. Professional carpet cleaners use machines that have super strong suction, which enables them to extract all the rigid and stubborn stains. Also, a professional cleaner will have more knowledge about different types of carpets and different cleaning methods according to their types. They will help you to protect your carpets from future stains and spots.


Brisas Carpet Care offers you the highest quality, safest, environmentally- friendly, professional cleaning solutions available, to ensure that your carpet is as clean and residue-free as possible. They believe in using organic products, which are allergy-free, biodegradable and non-toxic for carpet cleaning.

With the use of organic products and natural process, Brisas Carpet Care can make your carpets look and smell great. They create a protective, invisible shield, keeping in mind the safety of your kids and pets. Their carpet cleaning equipment is considered to be one of the best in Vancouver carpet cleaning business.

For over 10 years, Brisas Carpet Care has been giving Vancouver complete carpet care solutions and providing them high-quality carpet cleaning services . If you need carpets cleaned in Vancouver, BC, simply call us .

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