Green Builder Media's January 28, 2016 Vantage Enewsletter
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Lamps Plus LED Design with a fresh look

Sara Gutterman

Did Nevada’s Governor Steal the Sunshine? Nevada’s Public Utility Commission decisively put the kibosh on solar by capping net metering, imposing higher fees, and reducing credits for solar-powered homes and businesses.


NAHB Passes Resolution Supporting Voluntary Water Efficiency Measures Resolution provides state and local homebuilder associations the guidance necessary as they develop their own local water conservation policies.

Smart Power Strip

Prepping Your Home for Solar-—53 Affordable Ways to Reduce Your Energy Use This is one of the best lists of electricity-saving actions for homeowners we've ever seen. Created by, it's a great primer if you're considering going off grid or serious about solar.


New "Pulse" Device Could Replace Blower Doors as a Fast, Easy Way to Test Airtightness The unit creates a short low-pressure pulse that can measure building leakage in about a minute.

A Pattern Language

Free E-book Download: Christopher Alexander's Classic "A Pattern Language" Now out of print, here's a rare opportunity to own your own searchable, unabridged version of the classic book on home and community design.

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