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Retirement Dream Home Includes Energy-Efficient HRV

Posted by David Chouvelon, Guest Columnist

Jun 12, 2017 10:48:32 AM

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This ultra-efficient Maine home benefits from installation of mechanical ventilation.

When Bev and John O’Malia decided to move from Michigan to Maine to be closer to their son and his family, they decided to have their son design a new home and stable. Matt O’Malia is an architect and principal at GO Logic, a design-build firm specializing in high-performance homes.

“As we get older, we needed a house that requires little or no maintenance and is easy to live in,” says Bev. “Energy conservation is also really important to us. Our move seemed like a perfect opportunity to build such a home.”

Their new, 3-bedroom home has a southern orientation, a contemporary appearance, and an open floor plan. It was designed to capture beautiful views of the property and bring in a lot of sunlight, especially during the colder months. Winter solstice sunlight streams in all the way to the back wall of the living room.

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2016 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Resilient and Ready

Posted by Juliet Grable

Mar 15, 2017 6:00:00 AM

This custom home in the Hamptons was designed and built to withstand the next big storm.

Superstorm Sandy swept through the Hamptons in late October 2012, destroying many homes in the area. Upon learning that their 1940s cottage was “substantially damaged,” the owners decided to start over. Viewing every decision through the lenses of resiliency, durability and sustainability, they built a 21st-century home they call the Sunset Green Home.

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2016 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Simply the Right Size

Posted by Juliet Grable

Mar 15, 2017 6:00:00 AM

For this Chicago-area Passive House, energy performance, durability and health are interdependent.

When architect Tom Bassett-Dilley and Evolutionary Home Builders teamed up to replace an aging home in historic Oak Park, Ill., they wanted to pay homage to the region’s early 20th-century architecture. They also wanted to design and build a high-performance Passive House. Oak Park, a large suburb west of Chicago, includes homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and E.E. Roberts.

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Indoor Air Quality a Focus of this Net Zero Home

Posted by Sarah Lozanova

Jan 13, 2017 12:33:16 PM

Lubberland’s Edge home showcases smart air management.

When Norbert and Robin Wesely designed their retirement dream home in southeastern New Hampshire, they were inspired by the concept of dynamic energy efficiency: living in a net-zero home that generates as much energy as it consumes. This would make planning for rising energy costs on a fixed income much simpler.

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Sustainable Ranch Renovation Keeps Mid-Century Style

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Dec 9, 2016 10:42:50 AM

Visible changes blended with hidden additions make this home sustainable from top to bottom.

Photos by Robert M. Cain, Architect

CALL IT A CASE OF AGE before beauty. When a 1950s ranch-style home just outside of downtown Atlanta began to show its years, the owners decided it was time for a “redux.” The 2,100-square-foot dwelling was completely gutted and renovated to include several sustainable features and eye-catching design work on the interior and exterior.

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