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World's First Solar Power Boat Cruises at 5 knots, Running for 10 Hours on One Battery Charge

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Feb 8, 2016 12:49:19 PM

The SunCraft 21 is now being field-tested in Dubai. If if performs, the Regional Transportation Authority plans to purchase many more.

While it's not the first power boat to operate with an electric motor running on battery power, to our knowledge this is the first cruising-style power boat designed to operate on 100 percent solar PV power. The craft, built by Solar Water World, a German company, is said to be almost silent, and produces no emissions.

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Proposed Dutch Windmill Includes Outer Layer of Rotating Cabins

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Feb 6, 2016 8:32:44 AM

The proposed structure will tower almost 600 ft. tall, and include 30,000 square meters of space, including apartments, a  restaurant and a hotel.

It's not reality yet, but the creators of the Dutch Windwheel are serious about getting it built, and they're aiming for the city of Rotterdam. They describe it this way:

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