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Startup Company Hopes to "Kickstart" Past Tesla Powerwall, With the First Plug-and-Play Whole-House Solar Battery

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Feb 18, 2016 1:22:06 PM

Now on pre-order, the battery systems sell for about $1,200, and can be daisy-chained to exceed Tesla Powerwall storage capability.

This just in, from Triple Pundit:

"The Orison battery is available in two variations — a tower and a panel — building on the tech trend of style-first (think: the Nest’s uncanny ability to make thermostats cool). Weighing in at 38 pounds, Orison’s battery tower looks like a cross between a cylinder fan and a Wi-Fi router. The 34-inch tower, which also functions as an LED light and bluetooth speaker, is designed to be placed on the floor (prominently, of course). The 40-pound panel, which also functions as an LED light, can be mounted on the wall and comes in a variety of colors to suit the owner’s decor (see above).

The systems are insanely small compared to the Powerwall, which weighs more than 200 pounds — and Clifton told us a small size was his cohort’s primary goal, ranking even above storage capacity.

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Seven Household Wonders to Wish For

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Feb 6, 2016 3:16:35 PM

Here's our Green Builder staff's wish list of building-related products that either don't exist or are very hard to find, that would boost sustainability.

1. Durable, Interlocking Facing for Exterior Insulation

Putting rigid foam on a below-grade concrete wall, and continuing it up to the base of the sill, is a key energy saver in cold regions. But protecting the foam is an age-old challenge that’s still hard to solve. Sure, you can put on a cementitious coating, after covering the foam with some form of wire or grid, and there is one company called Styro that makes panels you glue directly to the concrete.It just recently became available HERE on Amazon, so let us know how it works if you give it a try. But how about other alternatives— ways to quickly and economically cover standard rigid foam both below and above grade?

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Smart Jar for Your Kitchen Has a Digital Brain

Posted by Christina B. Farnsworth

Feb 23, 2015 12:36:28 PM

We have smart appliances, now what about food storage canisters and jars? The Neo Smart Jar stores your food, links to recipes, knows how much you eat, can monitor your nutrition and may just reorder your food for you. And it’s BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Above: Neo Smart Jar -- Bluetooth and a smart base link Neo Smart Jar to fitness, recipes and shopping.

NEO, ACCORDING TO SKE LABS INDIEGOGO funding campaign, is  - “the world’s first truly smart container.  Built with Bluetooth connectivity and ultra-responsive sensors it lets you track nutrition, syncs with fitness devices, gets recipes and gives you total control of your kitchen.

No more wondering if there's enough cereal for breakfast, or how healthy your daily snacks are. We created Neo so you can eat healthy and never have to worry about weighing, measuring, guesstimating or running out of what’s important to you.

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