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PLNAR Digitizes the Home Dimensioning Process with Augmented Reality

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Nov 13, 2017 11:45:32 AM

Created using Apple’s ARKit, the PLNAR app will be available with the launch of iOS 11.

PLNAR, the first app to generate floor plans using augmented reality, will be released in the App Store once iOS 11 is made available. The PLNAR app—built using Apple’s ARKit, an augmented reality development tool—was created by SmartPicture Technologies, an Austin-based software-as-a-service company that creates solutions to digitally automate the traditional in-home measurement process. 

“The practical use of augmented reality to accomplish everyday tasks is revolutionary for the home services industry, and it’s made even easier by Apple’s ARKit,” said Andy Greff, CEO of SmartPicture Technologies. “With PLNAR, we’ve built an AR experience that makes it easy for the individual consumer to virtually measure any room with nothing more than an iPhone, while also giving flooring companies, insurance, interior design and home renovation professionals an interactive tool to increase efficiency and revenue.”

PLNAR eliminates the need to manually measure and document room dimensions. Users simply mark the outline of a room, designate any structures—such as doors or windows—and generate a comprehensive digital report that includes critical dimensioning calculations, visuals and material details.

Through PLNAR, users will be able to:

  • Enjoy an immersive augmented reality experience with real-world uses.
  • Ditch the tape measure, paper and pencil in favor of an intuitive, easy-to-use smartphone app that will sketch a detailed floor plan and measure a room with just a few photos.
  • Generate measurements of any room or wall, including area and perimeter.
  • Quickly determine flooring and material needs for the next phase of a home improvement project.
  • Create, combine and and manage multiple projects or room plans.
  • Export and share PDF reports on individual rooms—including walls, doors, openings and other project-related details—to share with contractors, retailers, insurance agents, vendors and more.

The app requires iOS 11 and is compatible with iPhone 6S and newer models.

About Smart Picture Technologies

SmartPicture Technologies is a venture-backed startup based in Austin, Texas, focused on disrupting the home DIY and property insurance space. SmartPicture takes the traditional truck and tape measure estimation and claims process and replaces it with an augmented reality-powered SaaS dimensioning solution. Now, any homeowner can take control of their home remodeling project or insurance claim by generating fast and accurate room plans. Home remodeling and design companies use our turn-key services to grow their businesses. Insurance service providers use our solutions to manage claims virtually and settle them faster.

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