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2020 Green Home of the Year Grand Award Winner: Empowered Perfection

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Feb 10, 2020 3:08:35 PM

The Monroe Farmhouse showcases outstanding attention to energy, ventilation and heat management.

What would it be like to never pay a power bill again? Mark Kuntz, chief executive officer of Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS), wanted to find out. After buying an 11-acre property in Monroe, Ga., he wanted to meet three goals: build a house that consumes little energy; incur no debt; and utilize materials that are durable and relatively maintenance free.

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A Winning Past

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Feb 5, 2020 5:10:34 PM

A lot of care goes into being a candidate for Green Builder’s Green Home of the Year, as these four past finalists show. Green Builder revisited several of the entrants from our previous competitions. Here's what made these finalists special.

The Andrew Avenue Residence

What’s old—very old—is new again with this WWII-era beach house.

The odd, orange-colored home on Andrew Street in the self-proclaimed “funky” beach town of Leucadia was once a single-level 1940s-era home that sat in its original state in the Southern California sun until early 2018. That’s when Bradley Schalacter and Frank Ragen saw the diamond in the rough.

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3 Things to Know About LEED Green Building Certification

Posted by Nicole Schlabach, Guest Columnist

Nov 19, 2019 4:27:27 PM

As sustainable building trends increase in popularity, it’s essential for real estate stakeholders to be informed about green trends.

As sustainable building trends increase in popularity, it’s essential for commercial real estate (CRE) stakeholders to remain informed.

Green buildings are touted for their cost and health benefits, and sustainability certifications are a stamp of approval that properties meet those standards.

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Building Green - Lessons from Termites

Posted by Sophia Sanchez, Guest Columnist

Aug 27, 2019 12:24:45 PM

Human beings compete to build tall buildings - from the pyramids of the ancient world to the skyscrapers of our modern world. Tall structures from the ancient world were meant for either royalty or for the gods, but the modern skyscraper has lesser mortals working and living in them.

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Developing a Successful and Sustainable Master-Planned Community

Posted by Steve Cameron, Guest Columnist

Jul 15, 2019 11:36:40 AM

Homebuyers not only want community, they want healthy lifestyles, they want to stay in touch with nature, and they want a comfortable—and energy-saving—home.

Enter Terramor, a sustainable master-planned community that will not only provide open space and access to nature, but also contribute to saving water and energy.

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