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2020 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Multifamily Masterpiece

2020 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: One for All

2020 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Horizon House

2020 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Net Zero Times Three

2020 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Resilient Retreat

2020 Green Home of the Year Grand Award Winner: Empowered Perfection

A Winning Past

3 Things to Know About LEED Green Building Certification

Building Green - Lessons from Termites

Developing a Successful and Sustainable Master-Planned Community

2019 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Peak Performer

2019 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Loud as a Whisper

2019 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Better with Bamboo

2019 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: An Epic Effort

2019 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Organic Infill

2019 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: A Grand Old Time

2019 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: The Simple Life

2019 Green Home of the Year Grand Award Winner: Riverfront Masterpiece

10th Annual Green Home of the Year Award Winner: New Zealand Original

10th Annual Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Pennsylvania Performer

10th Annual Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Bluff Beauty

10th Annual Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Five-Star Futurist

10th Annual Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Family Hostel

10th Annual Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Ohm Sweet Ohm

10th Annual Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Net Zero Victorian

10th Annual Green Home of the Year Grand Overall Winner: Elevated Standard

A LEED Refresher

The ABCs of EPDs

Meet the New Digital Age of Appliances

A Sealed Deal

Flooring Revolution

PLNAR Digitizes the Home Dimensioning Process with Augmented Reality

Benefits of Building Information Modeling with Forge Capability for Revit Users

Hotel Sustainability Secrets

Case Study: Urban Waste Management

Eco-Smart Rentals with All the Bells and Whistles

Retirement Dream Home Includes Energy-Efficient HRV

Cracking the Millennial Code: Designing Living Spaces for Enhanced Experiences

Does Transit-Oriented Development Need the Transit?

The Heights: Canada’s Largest Passive House Project under Construction in Vancouver

2016 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Resilient and Ready

2016 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Ultra Efficient

2016 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Passive Power House

2016 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: An Evolution Revolution

2016 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Extreme  Measures

2016 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Natural Wonder

2016 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Simply the Right Size

2016 Green Home of the Year Award Winner: Buried Treasure

What Density Doesn’t Tell Us About Sprawl

Affordable Net Zero Housing—Everybody Wins

Europeans Create "Smart" Facades to Deal with Weather Extremes

Solar Suburbs of the Future

Passive House Has Solar Corridor that Doubles as a Clothes Dryer

Top Five Reasons Why Natural Stone is a Sustainable Choice for Your Home

Indoor Air Quality a Focus of this Net Zero Home

Sustainable Ranch Renovation Keeps Mid-Century Style

The World’s Most Amazing Office Buildings

Green Packaging Market - Worldwide Analysis and Predictions

Surplus Shipping Containers as an Eco-Friendly Housing Solution

Do Inner-Outer Courtyards Give Us Homes Designed for Climate Change?

The Latest New Home Amenity: RV Parking?

Options for Community Living

Affordable, High-Performance House: Bates Avenue

Affordable, High-Performance House: Lauren Gardens

Affordable, High-Performance Building: The McKinley Project

Four Myths About Natural Stone (And Why They’re Not True)

Egyptian Upcycled Chairs are Created with "Plastex," Made From Plastic Bags

Urban Design that Discourages Wasteful Travel

Sustainable Innovation: Sealed Paper Packaging

Mid-Rise Wood Frame Construction Projects Receive Development Grants

Video: Humblefacture Manufacturing Offers Less Destructive Approach to Production

Startup Company Hopes to "Kickstart" Past Tesla Powerwall, With the First Plug-and-Play Whole-House Solar Battery

Making Zero Energy Homes a Mainstream Option

World's First Solar Power Boat Cruises at 5 knots, Running for 10 Hours on One Battery Charge

Reclaimed Acorn End Table Glows with Inner Light

"Little Friend" by Kasper Salto

LEE Industries Recycled, Low-VOC Sofas and Chairs

In 2015, Alternative Materials Dominated the "Top 10" Approaches to Greener Packaging

Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chair Assembled with Stainless Steel Hardware

Seven Household Wonders to Wish For

Video: Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada will be Big and Green

Are We Ready for the Walk-In Self-Serve, Walk-In Health Kiosk?

Proposed Dutch Windmill Includes Outer Layer of Rotating Cabins

Farmhouse Addition Meets Passive House Standards

Sustainable Strategies Abound in this Case Study House

Resilient Ranch: Spray Foam Insulation Adds Lasting Value to this HOTY Award Winner

Beauty and the Beach

Free E-book Download: Christopher Alexander's Classic "A Pattern Language"

Fine Footprint

Inspiring Infill

Generation Green

Efficiency Times Two

Net Zero Neighborhood—Grand Award Winner

Winners of the 8th Annual Green Home of the Year Awards

New Book on Permeable Pavement Offers Solid Footing For Architects and Urban Planners

Functional Forms

The New Natural Building

Case Study: A Modern Straw Bale Mining Cabin

Drafty But Beautiful Italian Low-Rent Housing gets a 21st Century Retrofit

Game-Changing Design

Alternative Construction Case Study: “Noopiming”

An Architectural Publication from Europe You Don't Want to Miss

Open Kitchen Be Gone

Timber Frame Construction: A Primer for Would-Be Homeowners

Pre-Orders Available for New Schlage Sense Smart Home Deadbolt

Driving Global Change With Design and Technology

Motorized Blinds and Shades—Design with Ease

Research Shows Men and Women's Color Tastes Are Not That Different

YOO "Vertical Village" Strives to Link Montreal's Past and Future

Designed for Flexibility

Taos Treasure

Wide Open Island Living

A Modern Colonial Kitchen

Supporting a Greener Future

Passive Townhomes Cluster on Infill Site

Vermont Passive House Shows Off Modern Details

Smart Jar for Your Kitchen Has a Digital Brain

Super-Efficient Passive House is Maxxed Out for Performance

Eco-Village of 18 Homes Pushes Limits of Efficiency

Desirably Dense

Campus Crusader

Sustainable Charm

Modern Marvel

Holistic Homes


Game Changer

Fifties Homage

Enduring Appeal

Earthen Elegance

Streamlined Green

Site-Built Homes Sustainable to the Last Detail

Energy Independence

Healthy Homes, Naturally

Sustainable Building Blocks

The Log Home, Redux

Solar Power House

Site Sensitivity

Helios NW Eco: A Net Zero Vacation Home

Energy Smarts

Energy Efficient for Peace of Mind

Future Proof: Good Building Science Leads to Net Zero

Multifamily Makeover

Innovative Passive House: Uber Haus

On the Edge

Gathering Place

Smart Style

The Vermont Street Project

Skyscraper Ramps Connect Floors to Street in Futuristic London

Native Heritage

Conscious Compound

New Neighbor

Reclaimed Design

2030 Challenge

Builder's First New Green Home is LEED Platinum

Second Life: A Residential Retrofit of a Row Home

Wolff Waters Place: Affordable Multi-Family Housing

Good Neighbor

Historic Lookalike Home in Florida Costs Only $150 a Month to Cool

Island Jewel


Net Zero Energy Ranger's Residence

Daring Demo

Florida First

Off the Shelf

The Good Life

Near Future Vision

Cubist Fantasy

Mayan Makeover

Small Wonder

Condo Kitchen Reborn

Serene Green in a Hurry

Boston Firehouse Kitchen

Natural Fit

En Suite Bungalow Bath

An Historic Home Goes Green

California Dream

Minimalist Makeover

Forest Friendly

Old + New

Natural Resilience

Old Cape New Life

New Florida

Five Easy Pieces

The Annunciation Home

The Callaway House

Picture Perfect Puzzle

The Clock Tower

Steampunk Sensation

Master Work

Ranch Reborn

Steel-Framed Simplicity

Sterling is Gold

Earth Dreamer

Subtle Masterpiece

Hidden Assets

Urban Uplift

Second Chance

Natural Synergy

Learning Laboratory - Educational Ecohome - Bozeman, MT

Affordable Density

The Right Conditioning

Four-Part Harmony

VIDEO: Plug and Play Solar Concept House

Plug-and-Play Solar Concept House

VIDEO: Solar Decathlon's Empowerhouse

Desert Chameleon - Best Site-Specific Design - Saint George, UT

Eco Overhaul - Best Community Project - Fayetteville, AR

Triple Feature - Best Infill Project - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Tapping Nature - Best Eco-Integration - Portland, OR

Last Stop - Best Aging-In-Place Home - Catlett, VA

Clean Finish - Best Healthy House Design - Austin, TX

Century Mark - Best Historical Renovation - Chapel Hill. NC

Way Above Average, Best Production House, Denver, Colorado

Urban Jewel - Best Modular Example - Seattle, WA

Born Again - 2012 Overall Grand Winner - Clifton Park, NY

Verifiable Green Results

Pushing the Limits on Green Building

Modular Modernism

Cove Community

Texas Off-Grid House Requires no Air Conditioning

4D Home Creates Solar Upgrade for Existing Homes

The 1000 sq ft Solar Homestead is Towed by a Pickup

INhome - 2011 Solar Decathlon

VIDEO: Flex House

Flex House

Green Miami Dream

Inside a Passive House

Extreme Solar

Retrofit Living Lab: An Experiment in Net-Zero

Sustainability: Old Concepts Return

Vision Zero: An Affordable Net-Zero Home

Green Remodeling is a Sign of the Times

Home Watch: Seattle Modern

From One Green Homeowner To Another

Philly's New Luxury Green

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