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Research: Translucent Solar Panels On Greenhouse Can Also Grow Plants

New Types of Recycled Plastic Roads Could Make Polymer Driving Surfaces the New Normal

Video: Salt Water Batteries Offer an Essential  Alternative to Lithium Ion Storage

Tiny Robots Powered by "Force Fields" Could Soon Probe Your Body for Cancer Cells

Video: The Solar Airplane Has Already Become a Reality

Could Homes of the Future Assemble Themselves?

First Solar Electric Freight Vessel Delivers Its Cargo

Celestia Project Takes Top Honors in FOLIO Awards

Celestia Project Takes Top Editorial Honors in This Year's FOLIO Awards

Meet R.O.B. the Robot. He's Your Hardest Working Construction Crew

Gene Roddenberry and the Jetsons Gave us the Hyperloop Long Before Elon Musk Hitched a Ride

Sail-Powered Freight Shipping Returns to New England

Disney's Tomorrowland: A Nightmare You Can't Wake Up From

Study: Three Northeast Cities are Greenest in the Nation

Ebook: To Celebrate Earth Day, Green Builder Releases An Optimistic Vision of a Possible Future

Will Future Homes Be Insulated with Water?

Prediction: Building Products Will Soon Be Sold as 3D Blueprints, Not Physical Objects

Here's Why Self-Driving Cars Will Actually Happen

3-D Printed Power Inverter Could Lead to Lighter, More Powerful and Efficient Electric Vehicles

China Company Builds Recycled Home Using 3-D Technology

How to Compete with Robots at Work

This Interactive Sustainable College Illustration Is Rich With Ideas

Happy Apocalypse?

Spray-On Coating Turns Any Window into a Solar Panel

Create a Solar-Powered Walkway

Skyscraper Ramps Connect Floors to Street in Futuristic London

Car Sharing Trends Could Reduce Urban Parking Needs

Traveling by Solar Airship May Become a Reality Sooner Than You Think

MIT May Have Solved the Vexing Problem of Shading on Solar Panels

Window Air Conditioners May Cost Us the Future

The Last McMansion?

Equilibrium: Living with Nature

The Passion of Possibility

Abundance--The Future of Food Security

The Celestia Project: Manifesting What we See

ECO-Topia is Coming

Decade of Climate Action: Celestia Begins

CELESTIA Time Capsule Discovered

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