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Study: Only Electrician Jobs Are Safe from the Coming Age of Robotic Construction

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Oct 20, 2015 8:46:00 AM

The report, highlighted in slides below, evaluated the likelihood of specific construction jobs being automated in 20 years, based on current robotic trends.

The report, from NPR, noted that even jobs such as building inspector will be largely obsolete in 20 years, replaced by technology. They note that low-paid, labor intensive jobs such as roofing will be among the hardest hit. Only certain specific trades such electricians are relatively safe from the wave of technological change likely to sweep over the building industry. Researchers looked at nine traits of current jobs, focusing especially on the four highlighted in the graphs below.

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Electric Floors Zoned with Smart Thermostats May Be An Old Home's Greenest Solution

Posted by David Mckiever, Guest Columnist

Apr 22, 2015 6:42:00 AM

Electric heating sometimes gets an undeserved bad wrap. Floor-based electric—done right—can be a highly efficient way to warm individual rooms on demand.

UNDERFLOOR HEATING is often overlooked as a viable "green" product for improving energy performance in older homes, especially.

What makes this type of heating green? It  operates at a lower temperature than standard hydronic (water-based) radiators or baseboard heating, and heated floors "feel" warmer to occupants.

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