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Geothermal Day 2015; This is Really Big

Posted by Jay Egg

Apr 22, 2015 9:45:00 AM

Geothermal Day 2015 

Geothermal Day, October 20, 20152015 IS A BIG YEAR for the geothermal industry, and what better time to officially kick off “National Geothermal Day” than April? The geothermal HVAC industry has come together in a big way to put together a brand-neutral website to which we all can go to learn more about this amazing technology.  In it, you will find helpful videos, links, answers to questions, and even brand new story-books and activities for the whole family.

Earth is a Solar Collector and a Solar BatteryFundamentally, geothermal heating and cooling is similar to solar energy technologies.  Earth is a great big collector of solar energy, and we can tap into that heat all year long, because the Earth is also a huge “solar-energy-battery”.

I’ve been a proponent of geothermal cooling and heating for a long time, and I’m very pleased with what I’ve found on the website, “GeothermalDay.com”. It really doesn’t matter whether you rent an apartment, own a home, live in a castle, or develop real estate in Chicago, you’ll find something here that will make you smile.

“National Geothermal Day” aims to raise awareness about environmental and economic benefits of geothermal energy and its vital role in building a clean and secure energy future. We are inviting industry partners, communities, businesses and educators to join efforts to advance further understanding and acceptance of geothermal technology as an unlimited, renewable form of energy. Join us by co-creating and sharing educational resources and participating in interactive activities in local communities and on-line.

Geothermal; Perfect for Earth Day, and for every day of the year

Geothermal Systems have the Right StuffThat's because with geothermal, your house becomes coupled with the Earth beneath, sharing that comfortable temperature with your environmentally friendly geothermal heat pump (GHP), similar to the way the roots of trees share nutrients with their branches and leaves. Take a look at some of the environmental benefits you can enjoy with geothermal system:

  • Reduction in use of chemical refrigerants (geothermal usually has no refrigerant lines to the outside; just closed loop water pipes underground)
  • Elimination of combustion related heating in the home (earth is the energy source; the sun replenishes warmth seasonally and continually, providing a truly renewable heating source). 
  • Usage of waste heat from the compressor for Domestic Hot Water (instead of exhausting it to outside air in the summertime) further reducing environmental impacts relating to combustion or electric heating of domestic water.
  • Reduced electrical consumption compared other heating and cooling systems (resulting in fewer emissions from power plants)
  • Reduced Noise Pollution (from outside equipment cycling noises and distractions)
  • Longer life expectancy for the geothermal heat pump (GHP), because it’s normally housed inside the structure

So, what are you waiting for? 

Geothermal Made Simple

Go onto Geothermal Day’s website and watch the video, download a children’s book, find out about resources in your area, and share it with your friends.  Use #GeoDay2015

Jay Egg is a geothermal consultant, writer, and the owner of EggGeothermal. He has co-authored two textbooks on geothermal HVAC systems published by McGraw-Hill Professional. He can be reached at jayegg.geo@gmail.com  


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