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Mel Karlson, Guest Columnist

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Steel Decking Substructures for Trex Decks

Posted by Mel Karlson, Guest Columnist

Oct 20, 2014 12:45:00 PM

Historically, wood has been the go-to material for residential decking substructures. However, with the growing popularity of steel deck framing across the industry, more and more professionals are making the switch to recyclable steel for its superior structural integrity, design flexibility and eco-friendliness. In fact, it’s now possible to build a completely sustainable* and wood-free deck.

Steel substructures, like Trex Elevations® steel deck framing system, increase a deck’s longevity and value, while improving overall appearance both above and below. Unlike wood, steel won’t warp, twist, split or decay and its stability creates a remarkably flat deck surface. As the material is easy to cut and easy to build, it’s also more efficient and cost-effective for professionals to specify than pressure-treated lumber, resulting in less waste. Trex Elevations materials also are composed of 25 percent recycled steel, and any excess materials from a jobsite are 100 percent recyclable.

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