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Production Builders, It’s Time to Sell Zero Energy Homes

Building a Better Community for Those Who Served

Retractable Screens-A View-Friendly Way to Reduce Energy Waste in Homes with Expansive Glass

Wall Upgrades for Deep Energy Retrofits

Non-Toxic Fire Retardant Could Have Far Reaching Impacts for Housing

A Global Green Makeover for Construction

Proposed ASTM International Standard Will Help Evaluate Roof Assembly Changes

Heat Pump Water Heaters Achieve Significant Peak Reduction and Energy Savings

The Challenges and Opportunities of Exterior Air Sealing

Bellingham, Washington Home is Zero Energy, Zero Water and Zero Sewer

Field Test: Ventilating an ADU for Optimal Air Quality

Zero Net Energy Buildings with Zero Net Added Cost

Habitat for Humanity’s Latest Housing Project Brings Green Affordability

Zero Energy Construction is Front and Center at this Project

Multifamily Project Generates HERS Ratings of 2 or Less For Each Unit

Hot Water Heat Pumps Solve Title 24 Code Challenge

Net-Zero Homes Take Building Science and Planning to a New Level

Video: Turnkey Floating Stair Systems--Best Practices

Maryland House Incorporates SIPs to Achieve Excellent Energy Efficiency

Permeability Makes Perfect

Six Ways Construction is Changing

75 Types of Wood Ranked by Hardness

Problem-Free Closed Crawls

Can Whole House Air Filters Damage HVAC Equipment?

Video: Homes Can Hit Net Zero Performance If You Seal These 5 Leaks

Call for Entries: Net Zero Accelerator

The HERS Variability Study: What Does It Mean for the Industry?

Kingspan Launches Three New Insulated Metal Roofing Systems

The Problem with HRVs

Remediating Seismic Deficiencies in Historic Buildings

WSU Turning Recycled Carbon Fiber into Green Building Materials

New Study Uncovers Favorability of Energy Efficient Homes Among Builders’ Customers

Tool Test: The Solar Jobsite

Low Propane Costs Have Put Gas Efficiency on Top

Healthy Home and Net Zero Features in this Veteran-Built Home

Cambridge Researchers Developing Self-Healing Concrete

Builder in Colorado offers net-zero-energy construction in a townhome community

An Example of Net Zero Efficiency

A Net-Zero Initiative

New Book Says Carbon Sequestering Cities Could Save Us

Case Study: How One Easy-to-Install and Cost-Saving Method Saved New Condominiums

Time-Saving Tech

Foundation Waterproofing 101

Why Builders Should Have Their Homes HERS Rated

New "Green" Epoxy Tile Grout Debuts

Innovation Leads to High-Performance Building Solutions

Net-Zero for the Masses

Noritz Upgrades WiFi App for Contractors with Installation Information, Error Code Alerts

Building Wraps—The Permeability Sweet Spot

Building Wraps--What's the Difference Between Weather and Water Resistance?

Electric Water and Space Heating Offer Best Path to Climate Recovery

Passive House: Is it Worth the Upfront Cost?

Bio-Based Houses are Seducing Latin America

What to Look For in a Heat Pump to Ensure Happy Occupants

Green Roofing: Everything You Need to Know

The Silver Bullet to Zero Energy Affordability

Balance of Low- and High-tech Tech Systems Offers Best Efficiency Gains

New Program Allows Manufacturers to Certify Energy Performance of Window Attachment Products and Materials

Panasonic Develops Unique Vacuum Insulated Glass Based on Its Plasma Display Panel Technology

The Incredible Predictability of Building Moisture Problems

Subterranean Secrets

How Winter Corrosion Can Cause Equipment Inefficiency

Case Study: Builder Home Highlights a Pro's Version of High Performance

Innovation Showcase

Airtight Home Pays Its Own Way in Energy Use

Minimizing Environmental Impact While Maximizing Homeowner Value

Net-Zero Home Has Power to Spare

Builder Turns Basic Design and Materials into a High-Performance Home

A Look Inside a Habitat for Humanity DOE Award Winner

Study: White Roofs Are Not Always the Green Choice

Video: California Home Features Title 24-Compliant Wall of Glass

RESNET Marks Milestone of Over 2 Million HERS Rated Homes

Research: Adding Graphene to Concrete Produces Super-Strong Mix That Could Assist in Storm Resilience

Video: 12 Key Factors in Creating a Net Zero Home

Longevity vs. Recycled Materials: Is One Better?

Home Run vs Trunk & Branch Duct Layouts. Which is Better?

A Key in Green Building: Solving Concrete’s Stress Problem

Research: New Wood Burning Stoves May Do as Much Harm as Good

Bosch Tackles New Silica Standard Head-On With HEPA-Ready Vacuum System

Video: Builder Plans To Test Airborne Sealing System on 100 Net-Zero Homes

Cool and Quiet: Can you have both in a multi-family project?

These Antique Tools Made Framing a House Without Power Tools a Breeze

DOE Invests $3.7 Million to Improve Efficiency of Nation's Homes

Video: How Seawater Makes Roman Concrete Stronger Year After Year

Builders—We want to hear how you separate yourselves from your competitors

New International Building Code Allows for Weather Resistive Barriers Above 40 Feet

Report: Net Zero Energy Homes Show Booming Growth from 2015 to 2016

Video: Boat Made of High-Tech Building Paper Floats

Study: Shading or Screening Outdoor Compressors Can Hurt Performance and Shorten Equipment Life

Earth: The Building Material of Choice for Thousands of Generations

Wright’s Prairie Style Architecture Goes Green with Geothermal

The Advantages and Appropriate Use of Light Straw Clay

Building Science Webinars

Minnesota Company Promises a New Class of Better Building Products from Mixed, 100 Percent Recycled Plastic and Resins

New ASTM Guide Estimates Lifespan of Building Sealants

Dry Basements Depend on Durable Vapor Barriers That Isolate Slabs

Dutch Firm Claims New Recycled Paper Panels Will Rival MDF

Passive House: Upfront Cost Should Not Be a Deterrent

3 Ways Raters Can Help Builders Cut Costs

Net-Zero Trifecta: Solar, Heat Pumps and Smart Controls

Better Buildings Require Challenges to Conventional Wisdom

An Architect's Tips on Selling Energy Savings

Keys to Identify and Work with Antique Lumber

5 Common Questions with Buried Ducts

Record Number of Homes HERS Rated in 2016

“Let’s Work the Problem” -Orlando Sustainability Symposium 2017

Heating and Cooling a Home

Embodied Carbon and Operational Carbon

A Systems Approach to Moisture Control

Geothermal Heat Pumps Left Off Funding Bill

Design Professional’s Guide to Net Zero Energy Buildings

Pioneer Project Upgraded to Passive House Plus

Heat Pump Water Heaters Save Energy and Money

New System Rates Flooring Suppliers on Green Claims

Ground Freezing: An Environmentally Friendly and Time-Saving Shoring Option

Norway Spruce Earns Construction Grade

Driving Innovation to Develop High-Performance Building Solutions

Determining the Best Building Envelope

On the Path to Net Zero

ReWall Turns Plastic Coated Carton Boxes into Building Materials

A Breakdown of Hydraulic Attachments

Andersen Partners with Yellowstone National Park to Push Past Net Zero

Save on Construction Costs with Recycled Building Materials

Fortifiber Develops Water Tight A1 Window Install for Drainable WRB

Let’s Talk Peace-Of-Mind; Let’s Talk Geothermal

Despite Code Challenges, Masonry Heating is Worth a Second Look

Wool Insulation Seeks Its Niche in the U.S. Market

Pros and Cons of Earthen Masonry Heating Systems

Review: New Book on Wood Framing Offers Hands-On Instruction

Video: Homebuilder Sued For Windows That Melted Neighbor's Vinyl Siding

"nPulp" Is Being Pitched as an Alternative to Sticks and Bricks

“Dry” Straw Bale SIPs – A New Approach

DOE Invests $19 Million to Improve Efficiency of Nation's Buildings

LED Lighting is Challenging Reliance on Planned Product Obsolescence

Radiant Floor Heating System Approved by Bamboo Flooring Manufacturer

Green Tech Company Offers Sun Filtering Inserts and Advice for Reducing Air Conditioning Demand

Carbon Smart Straw Bale Structural Insulated Panels

Smartphone-Ready Thermal Imaging Camera Sells for Under $500

Hempcrete Ingredients: Keeping it Local

Self-Insulating Concrete? Step-by-Step Manual Details Construction of Hempcrete Structures

Hardwood Floors over Radiant Flooring--Risks, Reality and Alternatives

Insulation Alternative: Hempcrete

DOE Study of Colorado High Performance Homes Finds Green Payoff

Home Aims for Efficient Performance with Radiant Floor Heating System

The Social Life of Bricks

Report: PVC Still Problematic

Urban Solar Design Doubles as a Greenhouse

Geothermal and Solar; One and the Same

How Green is Drywall Joint Compound? Looking Deeper at Materials and Health Risks

Hycrete Now Offers Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Waterproofing Admixture for Concrete

New "Pulse" Device Could Replace Blower Doors as a Fast, Easy Way to Test Airtightness

Power Your Jobsite Cordless Tools with this DIY Solar Charging Station

Europe Advocates Revisiting Clay-Based Construction Materials

Winning with Drainage: Best Practices for Moisture Management

What Makes a Home "Livable?"

Passive Solar and Earth-Bermed Homes Have a Chance This Time Around

Vertical Chases in Every SIP Panel?

Insulation and Air Sealing

Building Products with Integrity

New, Open Source Database Compares the Environmental Impacts of Building Products and Materials

The DOE is Looking for Projects to Receive $5.5 Million in Funding

Getting the Carbon Out

Mainstreaming Zero-Energy Homes

First Company to Qualify Steel Rebar for Special LEED Credits Describes a Tough Process

Air Sealing Best Practices for a High-Performance House

New Source for Building Science and Performance

Builders: Do You Know Where Your Profession is Headed?

Boral Tile Testing: Is a Dark Roof An Untapped Solar Heating Source?

Spray Foam Insulation for Modern Commercial Building Design

Study: Only Electrician Jobs Are Safe from the Coming Age of Robotic Construction

Rigid Insulation: Best Practices

Video: Simple Transfer Fans Move Heat Around the Home

ASHRAE Disputes Gender-Biased Office Thermostats

Are Mini-Split Heat Pumps Ready for Prime Time?

Report: DOE Defines Rules of Performance and Terminology for Zero Energy Buildings

Cost Analysis: Low-E Storm Windows

Durable Siding Options: Side By Side

Uponor Flexible Plumbing Makes Historic Retrofit Possible

Combined Water and Space Heating

Trex "Elevations" Steel Framing Could Be a Game Changer, But Lacks the Necessary R&D

Pre-Packaged Pumps and Variable Speed Flow Can Save Labor and Energy

Video: New, Award-Winning Self-Leveling Underlayment

Duct-Sealing Strategies for Retrofits

Assembly-Line Attics

Optimal Whole-House Ventilation

New Website for Holistic Home Building Science

New Rock-Based Blocks Said to Be Stronger, Less Polluting than Traditional Concrete

Trex Steel Deck Framing: Durable, Yes, But We Need More Data

HERS Rating a Passive House

Space Conditioning, Simplified

Buttoned-up Basements

Study: In a Perfect World, All Insulation Performs About the Same

PureBlue Home Demonstrates Net Zero Energy and Water Efficiency

Building Science Exhibit to Launch at AIA Portland

A Net-Zero Historic Retrofit

Free Ebook: Do Spray-On Barriers Outperform Housewrap?

Rammed Earth: Affordable, and Relatively Unknown

HERS Rating Explained

HERS Index Competition: Low Scores, High Standards

Relic of 19th Century Shows How Linoleum Floors Could Be Made Naturally