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Win a WeMo Lighting Dimmer and Simplify Your Smart Routines

Posted by Mel Smith, Editor

Jan 22, 2018 9:49:10 AM

Controlled from your smart phone, these gadgets require no hub, of their own, making them flexible and hassle-free.Wemo Smart Dimmer.jpg

One of the most appealing aspects of the WeMo line of smart products is that they don’t try to do too much. The light dimmers are part of a small suite of products from Belkin, designed for DIY installation without a lot of reading of manuals.

Another perk is that there’s no additional, central hub that must be connected to your modem. This means you could take a WeMo switch with you anywhere you go, as long as you have Wi-Fi. You can reset the switches and plugs with a simple and easy to access button, and a light mechanism tells you if the switch is properly connected or not.

Because the WeMo line uses 2.4 Ghz band Wi-Fi, it has a range of 100 feet. But that’s also a caveat. If you have a 5 Ghz modem that does not downscale to 2.4 Ghz, many of the WeMo products won’t work.

We spoke with Belkin tech about this, and they explain that because many homeowners still use the slower WiFi format, they went with the safer option. This makes sense, but it does mean that at some point, if slower WiFi is phased out, the devices may become non-functional. The onus is on the company to create a technical solution to this situation for existing WeMo owners. Another thing we like about WeMo devices is that they're self-powered. No battery turnover (or additional waste stream).

For our recent Flex House project in Las Vegas, we combined WeMo with Amazon Alexa, but WeMo works just as well with Google Home or Apple HomeKit devices for hands-free control. If you already have an IFTTT system, WeMo will integrate right into it. WeMo also works with products in the Nest, Beddi, Cree, Mr. Coffee, Osram and CrockPot brand lines.

Want to try out a WeMo product for yourself? Enter to win a WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer Switch here, no purchase required. Just fill out a 5 question survey. Deadline to enter is February 28, 2018.

Win a WeMo Smart Light Dimmer!

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