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WERS Verifier & Consultant Courses for Single Family Available Online

Live portion of online course takes place March 30-April 1. 

The Green Builder Coalition, in conjunction with Triconic and Santa Fe Community College, has converted the WERS Verifier & Consultant Courses into online training courses. The live portion of the inaugural online WERS Verifier & Consultant Courses will take place on March 30 – April 1, 2022. Registration, which is required, is available here .

“These courses will accomplish two big objectives: they will allow us to reach a broader audience and will serve as the pre-requisite to the WERS Multifamily Verifier course, which is where the bulk of our training demand resides,” says WERS Development Chair Mike Collignon.

Self-guided modules are now available, and can be done at the participant’s own pace. Those will be followed by a series of live training sessions that occur over three consecutive days for two hours per day. All students, regardless of their accreditation path, must attend each day in order to take their respective online written exam. 

A field exam for the accreditation of WERS Verifier students will be explained during the live session. WERS Verifier & WERS Consultant Candidates will then need to complete their probationary verifications before achieving their respective accreditation.

Here are the course schedules:

March 9-29

Class participants complete self-guided modules

March 30 – April 1

Live online training sessions – 12-2pm ET daily

Post-April 1

Written exam

Post-April 1

Field exam (time & date arranged with the WERS Faculty)


WERS Verifier Candidates and WERS Consultant Candidates that complete the course, exams, and probationary ratings will be eligible for the Multifamily online course and live training. The inaugural Multifamily online course, which will debut May 11-12, 2022, will be free for all who take these initial online courses.

“Whether we consider the future of our built environment in the arid Southwest or anyplace on the globe, what we implement in terms of water-efficient building techniques will determine if our communities are headed toward resilience against climate disruption or bound for systemic collapse. It’s ‘all hands on deck’ for water resiliency, no matter the building type,” says Miles D. Conway, Executive Officer of the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association. “Our Association is excited to see the WERS Multifamily Verifier online training on the horizon.”