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Webinar: State of the Construction Industry

New data on how the pandemic has altered the housing industry and how you can thrive through all the changes.

Join Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media for a riveting presentation that will update you on the state of the current construction industry—with a look at near-future and far-future trends.


Let’s face it, the coronavirus has irreparably changed the building industry. Among many other changes, it has enhanced digitization, expedited the adoption of a wide spectrum of technologies, created new efficiencies, and shifted the top influencer position to Millennials.

It’s important to understand how these shifts will impact the industry from both the home buyer side as well as the builder side.

Gutterman will harvest brand-new data from Green Builder Media’s proprietary Cognition Smart Data and other sources to explore the important factors that are driving growth in the housing market, including:

  • how the coronavirus has impacted the building industry.
  • purchase drivers and behavioral patterns of key homebuying influencers.
  • innovations that are transforming the market.

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