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VISION House Orlando: First Floor Up

The first floor ICF system is in place and cores are filled with 30 or so yards of concrete.

It was a good day to visit the site yesterday. The ICF system is most amazing in terms of ease of construction, cleanliness, and addressing all of the structural and environmental issues, which we tend to constantly look for better ways to address...this just may be the answer.

Vision House Orlando 2011Time will tell how the cost compares with other more traditional methods of construction, which for here in Florida would be CMU with applied interior rigid insulation and gyp board. The best guess from the contractor at this point is that the big picture will proove ICF to be a more viable system, in all aspects...I'll save the real answer for Jon to disclose later.

GBM 2nd Shoot-18 VH ARXX4 featured

I was pleased to see the interior space and how the visualization is really taking shape. One big open space with no interior bearing walls or columns. The first floor will be very "loft- like" in terms of openness, flexibility and free-flowing spaces. It is also encouraging just to see how clean the site stays with the ICF system...suppose I can give Jon some credit there as well...