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Video: Martin O’Malley on The Opportunity of Climate Change

The midterms are over but our work is hardly done.  Environmental action on a State level continues to be more important than ever.  

In this video, Governor Martin O’Malley describes how we can face the threat of climate change and move our nation forward to a 100% renewable energy economy by 2050.  The good news, O’Malley states, is that seizing this opportunity is in our grasp—the technology and knowhow already exist.  In fact, it’s cheaper today to build new solar and wind power electricity than it is to maintain existing coal or nuclear power plants.  There are more jobs in solar energy than in oil and gas extraction or coal extraction.  O’Malley asserts that the future we seek is a future of more—greater security, health, opportunity and wellbeing.  “But together we must choose,” says O’Malley.  “Responsibility is the greatest privilege of freedom.”