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Topped Out...almost...VISION House Orlando

WENT BY THE HOUSE TODAY AND WAS VERY EXCITED with the prgress over the last couple of weeks, in spite of the horrid storms everyday here in Central Florida. The home is really taking shape and the spaces are starting to identify themselves. It's always fun going through a home at this stage, the interior feels pretty much as it will when complete and the choices made during design become exposed. So far...all is well, the spaces feel great.Vision-House-26aug2010-021

The ICF system is showing it's merit too, even during construction the spaces stay cooler for the crews inside due to extreme R-Value of the walls.

This home fits very well into the fabric of the neighborhood and, according to Jon, the neighbors are all quite excited about the home, the construction systems, and the openess of the interiors. The outdoor living connection between main house and garage is also framed up and will become a primary living area for the residents. It is large enough for entertaining easily around an outdoor fireplace and grill and will be a natural extension of the indoor living.


Vision House Orlando Framing Interior