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Too Busy to Talk?!

Posted by Christina B. Farnsworth

Apr 16, 2014 12:12:46 PM

I am calling out to all Green Remodelers. Please take a minute to tell us about your business.

I might not be asking except we just finished a story for the April issue of Green Builder magazine on Green Kitchen and Bath Remodeling.

My managing editor gave me a list of eight leads for the feature. For the first time ever in my decades long writing career, three of the eight companies said they were too busy to talk about a project to be featured in Green Builder. Usually, people are thrilled to be published, both as a credit to their work and the third-party endorsement that publication suggests. But not this time. I have to believe those that didn’t have time were simply telling the truth.

So we had to scramble. Magazines can’t have empty pages or apologies to readers and do have deadlines.

The builders (and in some cases, the homeowners) we found to interview had wonderful stories and great wet rooms.

We understand busy. And we understand the economy has not been the best.

So, when did your business get busy? Or have you been busy all along? Did you have to reluctantly lay folks off, shrink the space leased, make other cutbacks?

I used to joke that everyone I knew was either too busy or unemployed. It seemed that with regards to green building and remodeling—and pretty the rest of the economy, too—there were no half measures. And sometimes even those that were too busy were juggling multiple jobs and were thus under-employed (with the sum of all jobs not equal to a full-time salary lost).

We can understand that if you just got busy, you might be reluctant to add staff until you know that busy is going to last. After all, busy now might be pent up demand from people who are still underwater on home loans but have decided to stick it out and make the home they are in the homes of their dreams -- or as close as they can get that home to mesh with their dreams. And when that pent up demand is met….?

Or busy might just have a future. Green may finally be catching on as a way to improve health, conserve the environment and save on utility bills and sometimes on maintenance costs. It may be growing in response to the ever more fervent media coverage of climate change, because our best attempts at green living are among the few personal contributions we can make to the planet’s health.

So what are you doing now to make busy last? When will you know its OK to add staff? How will you manage your time so that when the projects currently in your pipeline are complete that other will follow?

Please share. We like busy it’s a good, positive sign. And maybe, if it lasts, next time we need a project to feature, you’ll have time to talk or an idea to share.

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