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Taking Home Toxic Furnishings from Target

The level of chemical offgassing from Target's Threshold Quality & Design line of furnishings is way beyond what any unsuspecting customer should welcome into the home.Toxic-Threshold-Floor-Lamp-from-Target

I remember my college economics professor's lecture about the "Iron Triangle" of production. Fast, good or cheap, you can have two, but not three. Case in point, a low-cost standing lamp from Target. I thought I could beat the system, and get a stylish looking floor lamp at 30 percent less than stores online. Now I'm paying the price.

What price? Toxins in my home. This particular lamp is part of Target's Threshold Quality & Design label. I've often said that any company that has to use the word "Quality" in their name may be making up for something lacking. And Target's brand fits this description.

What's lacking in this case, is any concern for the health of end users.

Last week, I tried to save 20 bucks and bought a Target brand standing light in the box from my local store. As I opened the package, the smell of what I assume is formaldehyde was overpowering. That was bad enough, but I found each piece of the disassembled particle board lamp had been individually wrapped in plastic. As I unwrapped about 20 overpackaged pieces, a process that took almost a half hour, each one released a new burst of toxins into my living room. Within a few minutes my nose and throat began to hurt, and by the time I got the nasty thing assembled, I could TASTE the poisons.

Now I'm pretty used to building materials. But if this box-o-toxins had such a dramatic effect on me, imagine putting this lamp into a newborn's room. Such materials have been known to offgas for many months.

If this lamp is any indication of Target's approach to product manufacture, I would steer clear of ANY wood-type home furnishing product from Target, unless and until they provide it with full disclosure on what goes into every piece, and demonstrate that they are taking offgassing seriously.

Target's toxic manufacturing problems may extend beyond wood-type materials. The company faced a law suit along with Wal-Mart and others in 2012 over inclusion of hazardous flame retardant in certain baby products. Target, oddly enough, also carries extensive lines of organic and health oriented products. But until they incorporate green values into their entire manufacturing chain, they should stay out of a business that could lead to serious consumer lawsuits.