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Sunflare Sun2 Solar Modules

Sunflare_PanelTwisT-300Weather and machinery are not best friends of solar technology. Rooftop-mounted panels can take a beating from storms; ones mounted on structures such as carports can be damaged if drivers are bad at parking their cars. Sunflare solves that problem with an ultra-thin, flexible module that bends but doesn’t break in tough situations.

The Sun2 module consists of micrometers-thin layers of steel, copper, indium, gallium and selenide (CIGS) semiconductors that combined are capable of generating 10 percent more energy than traditional photovoltaic modules due to better low light and midday performance, combined with a lower temperature coefficient. Each solar cell has its own bypass diode, keeping energy output high when even a small part of the panel is in shade.

The product has a less energy-intensive creation process—about 80 percent lower compared to silicon—because there is no need for a frame, glass panel, purification of silicon or a mount. Less water is used during production, and what is used is recycled. Toxic chemicals, such as lead, cadmium, hydrofluoric acid or hydrochloric acid, are avoided.

Modules are also lighter—about 11 pounds each versus 40 for traditional crystalline silicon panels—making installation much less labor intensive for installers.