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Special Report: We Got This.

In this hard-hitting new ebook, Green Builder interviews 15 of the nation’s most progressive and sophisticated building industry leaders to talk about COVID-19’s impact. Their message? Take heart.

Top-tier building professionals are used to fighting for their economic lives. They’ve ridden out recessions, housing moratoriums, market adjustments, real estate bubbles, tariffs, and a whole host of other challenges. Using what they learned from those lean times, they face today’s new coronavirus strictures with steely determination and strategic planning.

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Flash interviews and data crunching find high-performance pros cautiously upbeat about the future, and adapting quickly to virtual sales, product selections, and meetings. They are focused on the post-pandemic future and how to come out the other side of the shutdown in better shape than ever. 

We Got This Ebook interview themes include: 

  • Less activity, but higher sales conversion
  • Changing customer expectations 
  • Real estate: not a market for tire kickers
  • The accelerated shift to e-commerce and digital connectivity
  • The new hyperfocus on communication--with everyone
  • Strategically reducing business overhead 
  • New product demand and opportunities 
  • Companies that are “booked solid” and “moving ahead as planned”
  • How the buyer is still out there … and prices are holding
  • What a rebound could look like and how to be part of the solution
  • Plus, builder and consumer sentiment survey data, and much more … 

In one read, these 15 building industry leaders and Green Builder editors give you the building industry pulse, innovative ways for your company to respond, and some good old-fashioned advice to weather COVID-19 and any future hurdles. 

Download “We Got This.” here.