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New "Green" Epoxy Tile Grout Debuts

The manufacturer claims the new grout is less corrosive on the environment, yet still superior to standard grout.

Here's the release. We followed up with some questions (below) - Editor


Tile Doctor Brings to the U.S. First Truly Green High-Performance Grout Solution

Litokol Starlike® grout artfully merges aesthetics, quality and minimal environmental impactlitokol starlike

The Tile Doctor, a leading provider of innovative, high-performance and eco-oriented products for the tile industry, has introduced to the U.S. market Litokol Starlike® epoxy grout, a high-performance, non-toxic and eco-friendly grout solution designed to create statement-making tile applications.

Most types of grout, including cement grout and other epoxy grout products, are labeled as hazardous and corrosive, and are accompanied by warnings to avoid skin and eye contact as well as instructions for specialized disposal methods.

Starlike epoxy grout products are safer than other epoxy grouts because they do not contain harmful chemicals or any of the antimicrobial products found in many of those grouts, have very low emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and have been proven to have no negative impact on the installer or the environment.

To learn more about The Tile Doctor’s tile epoxy grout products, along with its line of sealers, cleaners and maintenance products for tile installation projects, visitwww.tiledoctor.com.

Here was our note to the PR agency for this product:

I really like the sound of this grout, but there's a missing element in your blog: third party field testing of the grout's actual performance. Tile showers are one of the shortest-lived renovations in homes, primarily because people don't maintain the grout. It stains, gets moldy, or simply gets waterlogged, allowing moisture into walls.

I like epoxy grout for its longevity, and this product sounds good in terms or resource sourcing. Show me some good durability evidence with minimal maintenance from lazy end users and I'll be happy to run something about it.


Hi Matt,
Thank you for your inquiry. I heard back from Tile Doctor and have outlined the answer below.

In contrast to cementitious grout, epoxy grout is – by its nature – non-porous and, as such, is waterproof and impervious to moisture and the growth of mold and mildew. While a ‘biofilm’ of mildew could accumulate on the grout’s surface after a long period of time if it wasn’t cleaned, the non-porous nature of epoxy grout would prohibit the mold or mildew from colonizing and growing – it could simply be wiped/cleaned off of the grout. Additionally, since liquid can’t penetrate epoxy grout, it is highly stain resistant and doesn’t require sealing.

Litokol does not have long-term durability evidence/studies on its epoxy grout products. However, when properly applied, epoxy grout is well-known to be extremely durable and resistant to staining and shading. So lazy end users would not have to worry about grout degradation and moisture getting into walls."