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Metal Roofing Inspiration Book

Beautiful, sustainable, durable, energy efficient … from all perspectives, metal roofs are the best choice for today’s high-performance homes--and in many areas of the country, the only choice.

GB-MRA-eBook-cover-webGet inspired! The Metal Roofing Alliance and Green Builder Media are proud to present the Metal Roofing Inspiration Book.

Download Your Free Copy Today.

Metal roofs have proven themselves in storm after storm, fire after fire, to be a stalwart defense against disaster. They also happen to be stunning. This ebook includes examples of some of the most beautiful, sustainable roofs available today.

These beautiful projects are backdropped with useful information from the Metal Roofing Alliance, including:

  • The harrowing hurricane story that won the Metal Roofing Alliance’s Top Survivor award
  • The true cost of metal versus asphalt roofing
  • Environmental upsides of metal roofs
  • 5 metal roofing myths dispelled
  • How metal roofing works in tandem with energy-efficiency goals and renewables
  • The role of metal roofs as a strategic defense against wildfires
  • How to pick a quality metal roof
  • The role of HOAs in encouraging defensible home strategies that include metal roofing

This free resource is available for download here!