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LATICRETE Strata Heat Thermal Flooring

STRATA_HEAT System-webCold tile can be a shock to the system during cooler months. To combat that, LATICRETE offers the Strata Heat thermal flooring system, designed to keep floors warm in an environmentally friendly and cost-cutting fashion for homeowners.

The four-part system includes the Strata Heat Thermal Pack, which combines the company’s Thermal Diffusion Technology with its Strata Heat Wire and adhesive to uniformly distribute heat to eliminate cold spots and quickly achieve the desired floor temperature. Homeowners can lower kilowatt usage and reduce energy costs by up to 15 percent.

The Strata Heat Wi-Fi Thermostat can control the floor’s heat with a smartphone app or GPS technology, and check energy statistics on the go. The thermostat learns homeowner routines to apply the most-efficient settings and reduce heating usage by up to 25 percent.

And the Strata Heat Mat utilizes mortar hydration vents that create a mechanical bond between the mat and adhesive mortar. This allows the mortar to cure faster and provides a stronger tile bond for a faster time to grout while using the appropriate mortar for the installation. The mat also allows installers to see the amount of mortar coverage underneath the mat during installation.

For more information: laticrete.com