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In Effort to Speed Smart Lighting Adoption, Stack Shares Its "Code"

Posted by Green Builder Staff

May 2, 2016 2:02:38 PM

A new partner program opens up access to Stack's advanced technology.Stack-smartphone-app.jpg

Stack has just announced that it will offer access to motion sensing algorithms and ambient light sensor technology to third parties, under a program called "Stack Enabled."

Stack is announcing today that they are currently partnering with several lighting partners, including Lunera Lighting, Brilia, Plumen, and US Global Glow.  Lunera Lighting, which designs and manufactures innovative commercial LED lighting fixtures and lamps, and Brilia, a Brazilian provider of LED lighting products and solutions, have already announced entire product lines based on the new technology.

“Stack Enabled was born out of a desire to accelerate and quickly scale the process of bringing our sensor technology and machine learning algorithms, currently only available through our product portfolio, to mass markets all around the world,” said Neil Joseph, Founder & CEO of Stack. “Through these partnerships, we are able to share our proprietary technology within specific partner solutions, so their customers can also experience the simplicity and intuitiveness of responsive lighting.”

“With Lunera’s successful integration of Stack’s sensor technology and wireless networking into our plug-and-play LED lamps, we created a simple, elegant way to deploy sensors for a powerful, data-driven control system for buildings. This cost effective approach enables businesses to receive valuable operations and environmental data from networked sensors that wirelessly connect to the cloud” said Lunera CEO, Doug Schendt.

Becoming a Stack Enabled partner offers cutting-edge companies the ability to integrate Stack’s embedded sensor technology, which detects motion, occupancy, and brightness, at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. Partners will have early access to Stack’s advanced Radio Frequency (RF) motion sensing technology, initially launching as part Stack’s “Classic” (A19) bulb format this summer, which enables the bulb to see and detect motion even under a traditional lampshade or from within fixtures.

Stack Enabled Partners immediately have access to Stack’s APIs and SDKs, which will allow them to build their own valuable applications atop the Stack technology, while retaining the majority of any SaaS and data services revenue their applications and platforms may drive. This represents a major step forward in the distribution of lighting oriented IoT operating systems, and the first of it’s kind to focus on embedded sensing technologies in replacement lamps and fixture products.

As part of the Stack Enabled program, Stack also provides a full Partner Development Kit, as well as a number of reference products built on the architecture, to help partners easily integrate the technology into various lighting formats and other product platforms.

The Stack Enabled program is available today, and open to all companies. For more information, please contact partners@stacklighting.com

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