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IceStone Recycled Glass Surface

SnowFlurry-300-webThat beer bottle could be your next countertop. Surface maker IceStone offers a line of self-named surface material that is made from 100 percent recycled glass. Although it is primarily used for kitchen counters or bathroom vanities, clients lately are also seeking IceStone surfacing for conference tables, desktops, window sills and benches.

The product includes non-toxic pigments for design, and is free of petrochemicals and plastic resins. IceStone was recently upgraded to where it no longer needs annual resealing by the owner—the process is performed initially at the IceStone factory and is permanent—making it more UV stable and environmentally cleaner.

IceStone’s green philosophy extends to its operations. The factory is day lit with skylights to reduce energy consumption, recycled water is used in the production process, and nearly 90 percent of company waste is put back to use in some fashion. An estimated 13 million pounds of glass has been diverted from landfills since the company’s launch in 2003.

For more information: icestoneusa.com