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How to Select a Solar Panel Installation Company

Posted by Ella Andrews, Guest Columnist

Oct 14, 2015 2:30:00 PM

These tips will give you ideas how you can choose the right company before you move forward with your project.

As the total cost of electric power seems to be fairly high in many areas of the world, the need for ways to How_to_Select_a_Solar_Panel_Companysave on electricity has been on the rise. The greatest thing is that good solar power technology has been on the rise for quite a while, which means you will have a chance to do just that with the proper preparation work being done. This will be of great importance if you want to install things on your own or if you want to work with an installation company, as they will give you a much better chance to make things happen without fail. The tips ahead will give you a few ideas how you can choose the right company before you move forward with your project.

Eliminating your electric bill

There will be a given amount of balance between the number of panels you can work with and the exact amount of electricity you’re pulling off the grid. This will also depend on the budget, space you have and much more. The consumption levels will also depend on the devices you need to have hooked into your place and a number of other, smaller details you will need to track before you can call your project complete.

Breaking even

This is a pretty important part of the whole process, as it will depend on the size and efficiency of your chosen solar power system and its total consumption rate. There are many aspects of such an installation, as they will become a part of the whole, such as the orientation of your panels and the daylight they will get throughout the whole cycle. The costs of your system will also play a part in this as well as the feed-in tariff you will need to cover. Really good companies on the market will give you a good estimate long before the need to deal with this arrives, allowing you to plan ahead as you move forward.

Keeping the system efficient

The peak hours for energy production are most often between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, so you will need to ensure your solar array or panel will have good an unobstructed access between those two times. Any kind of shade will significantly diminish the efficiency of the system, so you need to keep the place clean and free of obstructions. Cleaning your roofs, your garden, trimming your plants and so on is an absolute must.


You must make sure you have the panels oriented the right way, as those who happen to face the south will have better energy efficiency than those who face north. The installers will work their magic to ensure you get the most out of the panels, but you would still do well to keep this in mind as you work on your solutions.


If you have an installer who wants you to get regular maintenance as part of the deal, then you would need to consider that most panels will pretty much need minimal maintenance. There are never any moving parts, so they will only need to be cleaned with water and soap once in a while to keep their surface clean to keep them at top capacity.

Contacting the company

You will need to ensure the company you plan on working with will be around many years from now, as the warranty period may cover long years, but in the end this means you would do well to pick your manufacturer wisely.

Ella A. is blogger and freelance writer with great passion for home improvement, remodeling, interior and exterior design ideas. Her present articles are focused on some clever building tips.

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