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Green Builder’s Top Ten Blogs of 2016

From big picture politics to front-yard curb appeal, our readers left behind an intriguing record of their interests and concerns, but somehow they all fit together.

1. Hillary Clinton's Unforgiveable Sin: Fracking the WorldHilary Fracking

Our story on Hilary Clinton’s efforts to strong-arm fracking operations into many parts of the world during her tenure as Secretary of State apparently hit a nerve with readers. Of course, timing is everything, and this story had almost a whole year of non-stop campaigning to help it build up steam. While we certainly didn’t endorse Trump’s candidacy, we made it clear that choosing the democratic candidate would not ensure any sort of progressive action on Climate Change. READ THE BLOG

2. France Plans to Install 600 Miles of Solar Roads Within 5 YearsFrance solar roads

The concept of PV-covered roads is one that catches the imagination of many readers. Every time we publish a blog on this topic, it’s read by visitors to our site from all over the world. Since we published this article, France actually just completed its first pilot roadway in Normandy. READ THE BLOG


3. It Turns Out Steve Jobs was a Supervillain After All

Maybe it’s simply the brand fame of Apple products, but our editorial about Apple’s squirreling away of billions of dollars in U.S. tax dollars in offshore havens caught the eye of readers. Show us a billionaire, and we’ll show you exploitation of one form or another that made that fortune possible. READ THE BLOG

4. Study: Most Toilets "Spray" Germs If Flushed with Open Lidrotten apples

Call it the “yuck” factor. There’s a macabre fascination with germs in the household. Most of the time, of course, it’s nothing to worry about, and the presence of dust and germs may actually be an essential part of building immunity for kids. But in certain situations, it might be wise to close the toilet lid. READ THE BLOG

5. Millennials: An Emerging Housing Market

Nobody can quite figure out Millennials. Those of us in the generation of their parents find them frustrating. They’re often entitled, highly confident--yet barely competent, lacking in creative problem solving ability. At the same time they are often far more aware of what really matters—family, friends and “being in the moment.” They’re also passionate about environmental issues. And whatever our differences, they will be the homebuyers and renters of the next 15 years. How can we provide the housing and lifestyle they will want to spend their resources on? READ THE BLOG

6. Housewrap: What's the Difference?

What’s interesting about this top blog is that our online readers skew toward homeowners and would-be renovators. That means that they KNOW about housewrap, which is a major step forward for the building scientists in our industry, who have fought long and hard to get homeowner to look “behind the walls” at what makes a home energy efficient. In other words, people CARE about home performance. A lot. READ THE BLOG

7. Haste Without Waste Bathroom Design

haste without waste bathroom design

Everybody has a bathroom they’d like to remodel, so we would expect a blog of this type to rise to the top echelon. READ THE BLOG

8. The Age of the Pool is Over. Long Live the Spool!

If you live anywhere in the Southwest or even the Southeast, and you own a swimming pool, you may be suffering from drought anxiety. As Climate Change increases the intensity and duration of droughts, traditional swimming pools are starting to become an untenable luxury. That’s probably why scaled-down versions of the pool, such as the hot tub-pool hybrid, or “spool” attract so much attention. READ THE BLOG

9. Sea Level Rise is Coming Faster and Deeper than Anyone Expects

For anyone who lives in a low lying state (or country), the imminent threat of sea level rise is not merely an abstract concept. It's a phenomenon that is already underway, and measurably increasing in speed. New estimates put significant sea level rise within a matter of decades, not centuries, and that figure may, in fact, be far too optimistic. In a very real sense, as Nero fiddles, Rome is burning. Even with rapid action on climate change now, much of Florida and Texas may be submerged within our lifetimes. Who will bear the blame? READ THE BLOG

10. Durable Siding Options: Side By Sidedurable siding options

Here’s another win for the building scientists. Homeowner are looking at siding—normally a “set it and forget it” product. They’re starting to understand that if you choose the wrong siding product, you saddle yourself with years of regular maintenance, and costly, early replacement. The exterior of the home, of course, is what establishes “curb appeal,” so it’s also an important “keeping up with the Joneses” product. READ THE BLOG

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