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Green Builder Media Applauds Eco-Leaders

Every year Green Builder Media releases the Eco Leaders issue of Green Builder magazine, highlighting a handful of companies that are doing great green things in the world, paving the way to a sustainable future with innovative products and forward-thinking ideas.

These Eco Leaders are setting an example for other companies to follow, improving the lives of a wide range of people through resource conservation, waste reduction, and reduced carbon emissions. These visionary companies utilize renewable energy, extend the life cycle of their products, maintain a sustainable supply chain, and give back to their communities.

 2015 Eco-Leaders

Our designated Eco Leaders take climate change seriously, developing business strategies that account for diminishing natural resources and contributing to the evolution of a regenerative economy.

This year, the Green Builder team is celebrating the sustainability efforts of the following deserving companies:

  • Schneider Electric, for driving energy management innovation and enabling energy efficiency across markets. Offering a spectrum of energy related products from electric vehicle charging stations to solar system components, Schneider Electric is playing an essential role in facilitating the transition to smart grids and smart cities.
  • Ingersoll Rand, for comprehensively integrating and imbedding sustainability into every brand and corporate function. Led by its Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (CEES), Ingersoll Rand is continuously breaking new ground when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of its operations and product portfolio. The company recently announced its next-generation EcoWise line of high efficiency, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants.
  • LG, for its application of ethical “Jeong-do Management”, promoting cooperation, mutual trust, and respect, as well as its ongoing commitment to sustainability. LG’s sustainability highlights include an innovative portfolio of over 300 Energy Star-certified consumer electronics and home appliances, renewable energy offerings, an extensive electronics recycling program, efforts to eliminate toxins and conflict materials from products, and a partnership with UL Environment to produce Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for select products.
  • Royal Philips, for its ambitious EcoVision program, focused on improving the lives of 3 billion people a year, its extensive suite of LED lighting solutions, and its aggressive efforts to recycle over 80% of its products. Philips is embracing the concept of a circular economy, offering a “light as a service” model in which consumers pay for the light they use (Philips remains the owner of the fixtures to facilitate recycling and reuse.)
  • Ford, for contributing to the clean transportation revolution. The company has pledged to help stabilize the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by addressing the emissions impacts of its products and operations, leading with its super-efficient, turbo-charged direct injection EcoBoost engine, six electric vehicle options (accounting for 3.5% of total sales), advanced mobility and connected vehicle offerings, and recycled interior fabrics.
  • Mohawk Industries, for its commitment to health and transparency, offering extensive product certifications, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Health Product Declarations (HPDs) across all categories of its flooring business. Mohawk is meticulous when it comes to the sustainable design of its products, examining the cradle-to-cradle impact of inputs, incorporating as much post-consumer recycled waste as possible, and offering extensive product recycling programs.
  • SunPower, for delivering reliable solar solutions to homeowners, businesses and utilities across the country. With a pioneering founder who started the company over 30 years ago, SunPower’s Cradle to Cradle certified solar panels lead the industry in efficiency and durability. The company implements extensive reuse, recycling, zero waste to landfill, and carbon emissions reduction programs.

Congratulations to these eco leading companies for daring to be different, for accepting the responsibility to make the planet a better place, and for taking the risk to create positive change in the world. We commend your efforts.

Do you have a company in mind that we should consider for next year’s Eco Leaders issue? Write to me at sara.gutterman@greenbuildermedia.com or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

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