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Governor Martin O’Malley: Seizing America’s Renewable Energy Future

Posted by Martin O'Malley, Guest Columnist

Dec 27, 2017 4:18:26 PM

Climate change is the greatest business opportunity to come to the United States in a hundred years.

It is a global opportunity combining the breadth of the Industrial Revolution with the speed of the Information Age.

The last five years have brought a fundamental change in the trajectory of renewable energy development and clean technology advances.

The energy world is changing fast.

These trends are larger and more powerful than any single election outcome — even in a powerful country like ours.

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We can now foresee the future.

And it is a future of renewable energy. Greater prosperity. Greater health and well-being for humanity the world over.

The winning fuels of this new energy future have already been determined. And those fuels are renewables.

By 2030, renewable energy— primarily solar, wind, and hydro — will be the world’s primary power source.

Smart money and smart people will invest where the future is going. Others will cling to the declining profits of a fading past.

Two large questions remain.

As human beings — can we make the transition to 100% renewable energy happen quickly enough to avoid planetary disaster with all of the human suffering that comes with it?

And as Americans — can we seize the opportunity of this historic transition for as much of the job creation and economic benefits as possible?

The answer to both questions is an emphatic, yes.

The variable is understanding among and between us as a people. Understanding made manifest both in new technology and in new energy policies.

Our destination is clear.

We must now determine the speed at which we get there.

Join us at Green Builder Media’s Sustainability Symposium 2018: Champions of Change on January 8 in Orlando to explore the road ahead.

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