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Free Tool Analyzes Sites for Rainwater Harvesting

HarvestH2o announced in February the first rainwater harvesting site analysis tool.

This simple tool from Harvest H2o tells builders or homeowners how much rain can be harvested from a siteand offers other helpful tips, such as:

 Florida  House Learning Center

The photo above is the Florida House Learning Center, which demonstrates environmentally appropriate design strategies and technologies.

  • amount of rain in gallons that can be collected from a roof
  • how to properly design a rainwater catchment system
  • the evapotranspiration rate for an area
  • monthly rainfall for site
  • peak storm event rainfall that should be used when calculating tank size, pipe sizes, and drain sizes.

Click here to access the HarvestH2o Site Analyzer.

Once you've learned how to capture rainwater, supplement with smart irrigation.