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Coming to a Small Screen Near You!

Posted by Ron Jones

Jan 8, 2015 9:21:00 AM

AS THE GREEN BUILDER MEDIA TEAM enters our second decade—as the undisputed leader in delivering information and inspiration about sustainable development, green building and intelligent living—we find ourselves on the doorstep of realizing a long-standing dream of sharing our passion for both the natural and built environments in what, for us, is a totally new and powerful medium.

After more than a dozen years of pursuing the ambitious goal of airing the Green Builder television series, along with our international award and Emmy-winning friends at Christopher Productions, we now have the commitment for the distribution support we’ll need to ensure that the completed production is effectively promoted to public television stations across the entire country.

We will focus our efforts on exploring solutions for a sustainable future, helping to illuminate viewers on the existing and emerging opportunities to enjoy abundant, resource-efficient responsible living. We’ll explore ways that help to reconcile and mitigate the ever-expanding pressures on the ecosystems, resources and habitats of the natural world generated by the necessities of a growing human population.

The program is scheduled to begin airing in the autumn of 2015; in the coming weeks we will be finalizing our aggressive filming schedule by selecting locations and storylines to fill our initial 13 episodes. Once the scripting and preparations are complete, we will begin production this spring. Editing and post production will take place through the summer.

In the meantime, we are actively searching for compelling projects, successful programs, innovative products and systems, and most important of all, passionate and dedicated people who are helping to make a difference by providing the creativity and effort—both in their personal and professional lives—needed to promote sustainable living and a secure future for everyone.

We’ll be looking for interesting topics in design, building and construction; transportation; energy and renewables; water and resource management; clean technology; waste reduction, recycling and repurposing; food production and distribution; and all aspects of healthy living—and that’s just for starters! We hope to make Green Builder TV as successful, impactful and meaningful to our viewers as Green Builder Magazine has become to our readers.

If you or someone you know have suggestions or ideas for program content or would like to learn more about underwriting opportunities for our production, please contact our CEO Sara Gutterman at sara.gutterman@greenbuildermedia.com or write to me directly at ron.jones@greenbuildermedia.com.

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