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COGNITION Hot Take: Homeowners Brave the Elements

As the weather turns colder, nature lovers and entertainers are undeterred, as indicated by the spike in outdoor heating and firepit purchases.

Homeowners are bundling up, choosing to socialize safely outside rather than moving inside and risking infection, especially with the holidays on the horizon.

According to COGNITION Smart Data, Green Builder Media’s suite of market intelligence services, there has been a marked uptick over the past month in the purchase of outdoor heaters, firepits, and other elements that will allow homeowners to remain outside, enabling them to socialize safely as another wave of coronavirus cases sweeps across the country.

holiday tweet“As the world changes around us and we all have been forced to adapt to the ‘new’ normal, more and more homeowners are focusing on how to extend their indoor living spaces,” says Craig Mauk, VP of Sales at Pioneer Landscape Centers. “We have noticed a massive trend of those indoor spaces being extended outdoor. Whether that expansion includes a deck or a patio, homeowners are making these areas safe places to spend time and relax. As the weather shifts, products such as outdoors heaters, firepits, fireplaces, and patio furniture have become a hot commodity.”

Homeowners in the Northeastern states (namely, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Massachusetts) are leading the pack, followed closely by those in the Midwest (Illinois) and Northwest (Washington).

As homeowners prepare for the holidays, they’re thinking of innovative ways to spend time with their loved ones safely. To prevent the spread of the pandemic, health experts are advocating for smaller, outdoor gatherings and activities like hiking and walking.

searches for patio heaters

Online searches for patio heaters

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