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CETCO ULTRASEAL AB Waterproofing Membrane

CETCO Ultraseal AB-webIncorporating a new pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, the enhanced ULTRASEAL® AB waterproofing membrane bonds tenaciously to concrete to prevent water migration. ULTRASEAL AB waterproofing membrane bonds once concrete is poured against its membrane surface. Unlike other adhesive-bonding membranes, its Active Polymer Core (APC) waterproofing layer self-seals small punctures and tears commonly caused during construction activities. The product’s adhesive layer protects the polymers from moisture during construction, which enables it to be installed in all weather conditions and both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions.

ULTRASEAL AB waterproofing membrane is designed primarily for under slab and property line foundation shoring wall construction, including soldier pile and lagging, metal sheet piling, auger cast caisson, shotcrete, and stabilized earth retention walls. It can be used in backfilled conditions as well.

ULTRASEAL rolls are lightweight and easy to handle, with exceptional flexibility for maximum conformability when fitting to a structure. it can be installed directly to green concrete and placed as soon as forms are removed—no need to wait for the concrete to cure—and can be installed without primers or adhesives, even in extreme temperatures.

For more information: www.cetco.com