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Case Study: Mohawk in VISION House Orlando

Past Meets Future - Like the VISION House itself, Mohawk’s hardwood flooring is an eco-friendly blend of old and new.

The 2011 VISION House in Orlando was conceived as a creative blend of classic and contemporary – a traditional looking home with modern features. It would be a re-creation of the classic farmhouse, but with an urban, loft-like feel. One challenge for interior designer Pat Gaylor was finding eco-friendly finishes that worked with the design, yet were priced within reach of the average builder and homeowner.

When it came to the home’s main living area, Gaylor chose Queenstown Hickory Vintage engineered flooring from Mohawk. This glue-down engineered flooring has a surface veneer of hickory hardwood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an accredited third-party agency that evaluates the integrity of forest management activities. Because it contains recycled content, Queenstown Hickory Vintage perfectly supported the home’s environmental goals. “I wanted flooring that was beautiful, sustainable, long-lasting, and healthy,” adds Gaylor.

VISION_House_-_Web-15_(web)Just as important was the look and feel of Queenstown Hickory Vintage. The home has an open floor plan, a staple of contemporary homes. The engineered hardwood was used in all the main areas – in fact it played a crucial role in the design, helping to knit the common areas together and giving the house a strong visual link to the past. “Hickory is a deep-toned wood with lots of character. It really set tone for the whole house,” says Gaylor. She says that many of the planks used in the home still have their original antiquing and distressing, revealing the wood’s unique past and adding a unique touch to the home.

Gaylor expected this striking product would be popular with visitors, since darker colors are a design trend. She wasn’t disappointed. “People who visited the home appreciated the flooring. It was rich and pretty, and really helped anchor the space.”

As an engineered flooring product, Mohawk’s Queenstown Hickory Vintage is also very stable dimensionally. This was important in a climate like Florida’s where interior finishes can be exposed to air that’s extremely humid or extremely dry, depending on the homeowners’ use of air conditioning. “The flooring is very stable so it doesn’t move,” says Gaylor.

Gaylor says that while some buyers are focused on sustainability, and are willing to pay more to get it, the driving force for most buyers these days is cost. “It’s part of my job to inform clients that they can have sustainability and good pricing,” she says. Mohawk’s Queenstown Hickory Vintage provided both. “Products like this make designing a green interior relatively simple. It’s not expensive and works well with mainstream designs. I won’t hesitate to use it on future projects.”