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Amerlux Avista 7-Pin Light Engine

Avista 7-300What if any streetlight could become a smart light? Lighting manufacturer Amerlux has that goal in mind with its line of light engines and related accessories, the latest of which, the Avista Light Engine with 7-Pin Option, can add Wi-Fi capability to streetlamps—an effective energy and money saver for new and old subdivisions.

Reminiscent of when phones became “smarter” with apps, the 7-Pin adds dimming capabilities and access to cutting-edge sensors that can also wirelessly link to trash removal and street cleaning services, tracking of air quality, and even surveillance of criminal activity in a neighborhood. The device is a NEMA socket that can easily be installed by hand.

Avista light engines were designed for new construction applications and retrofits. They carry a longer-term benefit as well: The streetlights can become the perfect foundation for smart cities because they provide the power and the pole, which create a physical platform for the sensors. That makes for a strong selling point for any future subdivisions on a city’s energy grid—and more jobs down the road for contractors.