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Always an Open Door

Posted by Ron Jones

Jan 30, 2014 12:42:05 PM

When I wrote my first Tailgate column for the inaugural issue of Green Builder back in January of 2006, I invited our readers to join me once a month at the back of the magazine to drop the tool belts, break out the lunch box, and openly discuss whatever we had on our minds. As we enter our ninth year of publishing, I am here to reissue that invitation.

The homebuilding industry has undergone significant changes in the intervening years, but some things have remained constant. Our readers have continually led this sector in progress and innovation, which has contributed greatly to the fact that—unlike the outdated, mainstream industry—they have not only survived the housing slump in greater numbers, but have in fact grown and thrived, in many cases.

Our core readership has never nibbled around the edges of green building. Instead, readers have consistently led the way toward higher quality, more comfort, increased value, enhanced all-around performance and greater customer satisfaction in the homes they build for their clients. Along the way, they have forced the industry’s anchor draggers—and the organizations which have traditionally provided cover for their stubborn laziness—to step up their game, or find another business in which to underperform.

A diverse and creative group, our readers embrace a wide array of building products, systems, technologies and theories. They harness the power of knowledge and an unmatched understanding of the complexities of building science, as they employ a wide variety of third-party certifications, rating systems and regionally appropriate programs on their way to delivering superior housing projects across the country.

Our readers have never had to depend on someone else to tell them what is green, what is sustainable, or what is responsible building. They lead from the front, and help elevate the entire homebuilding sector, providing incentive to those established professionals who strive to excel and occupy the top tiers in their respective markets—and inspire those new adventurers wishing to enter the field to build a better future.

At Green Builder® Media, we have done our part by providing the most relevant, transparent information about green building and sustainability that we can, whether it is generated internally by our talented and experienced team, or drawn from our vast array of expert industry resources. We are committed to the idea that sustainability doesn’t have to mean sacrifice, that better practice is the key to profitability, and that our greatest mission is to help foster the simple truth that enhancing and expanding the built environment can only happen if we take care of the natural one.

The tailgate is open. Come and join the conversation!

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