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A Mid-Pandemic Reset of How Home Improves Life

A new webinar, Health In the Home, will highlight new ways to consider health in homes.

On September 10, Gene Myers, CEO of Thrive Home Builders and EPA Indoor airPLUS’s Leader of the Year, explored how Thrive is taking health in the home to new levels in a webinar.

Thrive Homes adopted health as one of its three brand pillars in 2015. The pandemic has created heightened consumer awareness of health in the home, and changing consumer expectations are placing new demands on building professionals and manufacturers to make homes healthier. 

As a leading builder of healthy, high-performance homes, Myers will share important insights into how Thrive is adapting to this new reality.


  • How much buyers will pay for healthy home solutions.
  • How homes must be both energy efficient and healthy.
  • Ways to keep toxic materials out of homes. 
  • The role of ventilation in improving indoor environment quality
  • Marketing concepts for consumers who no longer need to be convinced they need healthy homes. 
  • How to meet and go beyond Indoor airPLUS (IAP) program requirements.