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A Bright Upgrade for the Humdrum Electrical Faceplate

The technology is simple, but the effect is quite dramatic. Dusk to dawn LED lighting that cost you $10 cents a year and lasts 25 years.


I received a couple of these unusual products in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and plugged one in to test it. As advertised, The SnapPower Guidelight outlet cover has a tiny light sensor that shuts the plate off during the day (unless it's very overcast, and it requires no wiring.

I LIKE THE LOOK OF THIS LED NIGHTLIGHT. It's low profile, so it can't be bumped or damaged easily. The LED lights are bright, and throw ample light to navigate by in the wee hours. The only caveat I'd add is that they may be too bright to sleep by, if you plan on having one at line of sight in your bedroom.

The plates are a no-brainer to install. Just unscrew the central screw and snap them in. No wiring needed.

I like the energy-saving sensor, the low operating cost, ease of installation. Here's what I'd like to see in the next iterations of this product line.

Colored LEDs. Why not offer a half dozen cool colors that complement paint colors?

GFCI Shapes. We need some more shapes and styles, to fit different kinds of outlets.

Recycled Materials. The current product is made with the virgin PVC typical of the industry, which has a high environmental impact. Why not make them from 100% recycled HDPE or some other higher quality recycled plastic? Another option would be to make a version from a renewable resource such as wood.

Overall, this is a good first iteration that improves on the basic electrical outlet. I can't wait to see round two.—MP

Learn More about SnapPower HERE