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3 Variables Consumers Most Associate With Authentic Green Building

Posted by Cati O'Keefe

Aug 13, 2019 9:57:26 AM

Green building is driven by a unique value equation that entices consumers to specify or ask for particular green products in their houses, says brand-new COGNITION Smart Data research.

Research released in July from Green Builder Media’s COGNITION Smart Data reveals that the top three variables most often associated with green and sustainable building practices are indoor air quality (IAQ), building and design practices, and quality construction. This trilogy is followed closely by variables that drive down ongoing operating costs (such as renewable energy, durability, and low maintenance).

“Overall, as our research shows, green building is driven by a value equation that blends doing what’s best for the environment--indoor and outdoor--using tried-and-true building and design methods, and increasing quality,” says Green Builder Media’s CEO Sara Gutterman. “The companies that will prosper as the nation pushes toward more efficient green building are those that understand this blend and articulate the message clearly to consumers.” 

GB-Dunn-Edwards-Ebook coverDunn-Edwards, the pioneer of sustainable paint technology, is one example of a company that embodies the green value equation trilogy of IAQ, building and design excellence, and quality. The company has earned the extreme loyalty of painting contractors, builders, and consumers for its high-quality paints, excellent service, and commitment to the environment. 

“The sustainability value proposition is consistent with a growing desire by early adopter and first-mover audience segments (both trade and consumer) to invest in the long-term benefits and savings of healthier, higher performance homes and buildings,” says Gutterman. 

Companies like Dunn-Edwards offer solutions for these audiences. “Consider, as an example, the coatings story,” Gutterman continues. “Here you have a product that is a thin film no more than a few thousands of an inch think, which covers the majority of a home’s surfaces. This microthin layer is the difference between a part of the house lasting 30 years--or rotting after two years. Then, consider that the coatings providing this intense protection are now super-low or no-VOC and that they come from a company with a decades-long track record of waste reduction, recycling, and innovation that helps keep harmful chemicals out of our environment and you will understand the green value equation trilogy.” 

Green Builder Media highlights how companies harness the green value equation trilogy in its series of ebook case studies. The most recent one, highlighting Dunn-Edwards, has just been released and is available for free download here. In it, you will learn both high level corporate initiatives and detailed product specs from this pioneering paint company, including:

  • How paints and coatings preserve the built environment

  • Specs on an ultra-low VOC enamel interior/exterior that provides an oil-like finish and can be used as a direct-to-metal coating

  • Details on a zero VOC self priming 100% acrylic paint line for high-end projects

  • How high performance and low VOC products can coexist

  • How paint manufacturers can help building pros, builders and consumers with performance and air quality issues

Download this quick-read Ebook today!

Want to learn more about Green Builder Media’s CEO SmartData research? Contact Sara Gutterman at sara.gutterman@greenbuildermedia.com 

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