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BEYOND.High Performance®

A holistic, systems-centric approach to sustainable and affordable building and construction

If you’re a homebuilder looking for a unique and powerful way to meet the growing demand for more sustainable, high-performance homes, put the strength of BASF to work for you. We’ve leveraged our 150-plus years of innovative chemistry expertise and our building science proficiency to create an innovative new approach to residential construction called BEYOND.High Performance®. Combining two complementary initiatives together into one singular platform, BEYOND.High Performance can help you achieve energy code compliance, reduce callbacks and liability and improve your HERS® Index scores.


The HP+™ Wall System creates a strong, integrated system to deliver you exceptional control of heat, air and moisture. READ MORE HERE

BASF is helping visionary builders not only adapt, but embrace the very future of residential construction. READ MORE HERE

Case Study: Tim O'Brien Homes®

See how Wisconsin builder Tim O'Brien Homes® utilized BASF's consultative approach to build new homes that stand out in the market. READ THE CASE STUDY


Learn about the importance of Occupant Behavior in a tight home. WATCH NOW

Build Upon Our Insight

HP+ Consultative Solutions

The multidisciplinary team of building scientists, architects, engineers and sustainable construction experts at BASF's Center for Building Excellence is using chemistry as the catalyst for more energy-efficient, durable and comfortable construction. Through our HP+ Consultative Solutions, we’re bringing their expert insight directly to you, connecting you to a wealth of knowledge about beyond code methods and more.

BASF engages with builders to first learn how they build homes before working collaboratively to develop a forward plan on how to improve building processes, regardless of the building program they may follow. The plan is very prescriptive and cares for process improvements, training and more. The result is tighter construction in your residential projects, with fresh air ventilation, improved thermal performance, right-sized mechanicals, greater moisture management, increased combustion safety and more.


Systematic Success

HP+™ Wall System

HP+ Wall system

Differentiate yourself from your competition and improve your entire building envelope with BASF’s HP+™ Wall System. These purpose-built assemblies are part of our growing collection of integrated building enclosure applications combining select BASF products into single, integrated systems that go beyond the four walls to care for the entire building envelope. The systems are designed to achieve enhanced efficiencies and exponential value for single-family homes, creating greater control over heat, air, moisture and vapor flow.

A first-generation innovation in this expanding portfolio, the HP+™ Wall System is a durable, structural assembly that meets or exceeds today’s new and challenging codes while using less wood than traditional construction, resulting in stronger structures that provide exceptional energy and cost efficiency.


Part 1: BEYOND.High Performance® - Learn how BASF engages with builders to develop a forward plan on how to improve building processes. WATCH NOW


Part 2: The HP+™ Wall System-See how building science was used to achieve enhanced efficiencies in home construction. WATCH NOW


Part 3: Durability-Learn first-hand how this structural assembly meets or exceeds today’s new codes. WATCH NOW