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What do green professionals perceive as the most sustainable building products and brands?

This year, we’ve taken a deeper look at brand loyalty. You may be familiar with our annual Readers’ Choice survey, which has provided many years of valuable insight on what people like and don’t like about products in the green construction market. Our first annual Green Builder Brand Index offers an even more-complete picture of what’s on consumers’ minds.

Results in three distinct categories—our traditional survey data, public sentiment and market visibility or “mentions”—are averaged to derive a company’s final ranking among its peers.

As a result, a few big-name players don’t even make the top five within their category, while other, lesser-known companies hit the brand heights for the first time. This shows where a company is doing well, and which improvements could round out category excellence.

Featured Brand Index Winners

Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring American Personality 12 LVT - Crafted Oak Essential Beige-web

Armstrong Flooring’s American Personality™ 12 is built with American strength and style. A tough, fiberglass-reinforced structure with a 12 mil wear layer provides ultimate protection by resisting rips, tears, and gouges. Realistic visuals and 20 unique planks per design virtually eliminate visible pattern repeats. And unique to the LVT category, American Personality 12 floors require no acclimation for most installations and can be installed in direct sunlight, making it ideal for builders and property managers. 


ZIP System by Huber

Huber BI-web-1

A revolutionary new approach to building enclosures, ZIP System sheathing and tape streamlines the weatherization process with an integrated air and water-resistive barrier that delivers moisture and air protection in one easy-to-install system.



Final Brand Index scores were determined by weighted averages of the following:

  • Survey Data. How our readers ranked each company's sustainability compared with other companies on our list.
  • Sentiment: Ranking in terms of how favorably consumers see the company compared with the other companies on our list.
  • Mentions: Ranking in terms of number of positive mentions compared with how the other companies scored.
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Industry Stalwarts 

Since 2013, we’ve been asking our primary magazine audience—builders, architects, appraisers, kitchen designers and trades—to rank which brands they most associate with sustainability. While our new Brand Index (also in this issue) includes this scoring, we wanted to pull out three top brands that, year after year, win both hearts and minds of our highly selective Readers’ Choice Brand Survey. These are the “go-to” companies our readers trust to do the right thing in terms of product performance, durability, clean manufacturing and environmental stewardship.


whirlpool induction-webFrom super-efficient induction cooking ranges to a vast line of energy-efficient refrigeration and water-saving laundry units, Whirlpool has earned its place in the hearts of professionals, exceeding the expectations of end users. New products include striking innovations, including digital tools that make dryers smarter, cut water use even more for dishwashers, and “inject” detergent into clothes washers. Smart tech from a smart company.


tyvek2-webDecades of painstaking research and a regular cadence of innovation keep DuPont’s line of wraps, flashings, and sealing products on the short list for progressive building firms. Other companies in this arena have their niches, but it’s rare to see a new neighborhood where Tyvek is not the dominant “work-in-progress” feature.

Owens Corning

owens corning insulation-webHomeowners don’t always consider the building science advantages of using the right insulation, in the right space, installed the right way. But building professionals do. They know that Owens Corning shares their passion for building tighter, more sustainable homes, and will help them optimize every project’s energy performance.