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Panasonic ECONAVI Sensor

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 11:16:22 AM

Panasonic ECONAVI sensor-webPanasonic’s ECONAVI technology features infrared sensors that detect occupancy and activity fluctuations in a given space. This enables efficient, automatic heating and cooling operation to match room conditions and occupancy levels. The sensors automatically adjust to cool off a packed, hot room or lower cooling power to save energy when no one’s around. Operating costs are reduced without sacrificing occupant comfort or convenience. Available for use in an entire home or individual rooms, homeowners can customize room temperature depending on which areas they use the most.

For more information: https://na.panasonic.com/us/home-and-building-solutions

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Lockly Secure Smart Lock

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 9:31:58 AM

Lockly Secure Pro-300-webLockly creates smart security solutions that can be installed onto any door, and provides users with maximum security and convenience. That means heading into high-tech territory with Lockly Secure, a smart lock with amenities such as 3D biometric fingerprint sensors, smartphone-enabled locks and security-enhanced digital displays.

Access codes are a big part of Lockly’s success. A mobile app quickly locks and unlock doors and easily creates access codes for family, friends and property tenants. Lockly Secure Pro technology also includes sensors that always monitor door status, and status checks status using the mobile app or voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

All Lockly smart locks are equipped with the company’s award-winning, patented PIN Genie software that provides an extra layer of security by scrambling the numbers on the digital display so that they are not stationary and located in the same spot every time. Lockly Secure is also the only smart lock able to generate multiple access codes without an internet connection. This feature is extremely useful for quickly sending remote access codes to any Lockly Secure location without having to rely on Wi-Fi—perfect for multiple home and office locations.

For more information: www.lockly.com

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Broan-Nutone Line Voltage Doorbell

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 9:24:01 AM

Broan BKL340_Chime sideWhen it comes to using a doorbell, things can’t be much simpler: push a button. Installing one is another matter, but Broan-Nutone has found a way to simplify that. The company’s new Line Voltage Doorbell builder’s kit has a built-in transformer and a wireless, battery-free kinetic pushbutton for quick, easy installation.

That gives homeowners a choice of the traditional wired line—which goes directly to line voltage to save installation time—or the kinetic wireless, which requires no batteries or power lines running outside the house. This is a huge timesaver for installers. And it’s a great convenience for the homeowner.

Each variety of Line Voltage has other unique features. The wired doorbell can also be paired with two other doors using the kinetic version. The wireless unit has eight different tones to select from, while the wired unit offers distinct front and back tones. And, the wired unit’s buttons include long-lasting LED bulbs, ensuring that house guests are never left in the dark.

For more information: www.broan-nutone.com

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Lennox iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 8:22:58 AM

Lennox iComfort S30-webLennox is known for its line of smart thermostats, has grown exponentially with its iComfort series. The iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat offers homeowners technological assets in the way they heat their home and keep their household air clean.

Mother Nature is a big part of the smart thermostat’s appeal. The iComfort S30 offers seven-day weather forecasts and air quality conditions for the homeowner’s local area, so they always know what’s going on outside. The thermostat has a “Feels Like” temperature, similar to a weather report, which takes into account indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity to make the home feel exactly like the homeowner wants. S30 also monitors air quality and pollen levels in a homeowner’s ZIP code and automatically turns the fan on to clean the home’s air when outdoor levels are high.

The iComfort S30 is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Compatibility with Apple HomeKit allows thermostat control via Siri on a smartphone, and it can be paired with an iPad, Apple TV or Apple HomePod. In addition, the “Smart Away” mode works with a smartphone app to detect when the homeowner leaves and returns to the home, automatically adjusting the system to an energy-saving mode.

For more information: www.lennox.com

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Carrier TruVu Multi-Purpose HVAC Control Platform

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 8:14:13 AM

Carrier TruVu-MPCXPFor those with a large investment in HVAC units—such as owners of apartment buildings or senior living complexes—Carrier’s TruVu multi-purpose control (MPC) platform can make life a lot easier. TruVu can control multiple pieces of HVAC equipment simultaneously, making it ideal for rooftop units and air handlers.

TruVu includes a comprehensive library of factory-engineered control programs. These programs have been designed and tested to work with both air-side and water-side HVAC systems—without the need for custom programming, saving engineers valuable time. In the event that customization is needed, Carrier’s SNAP graphical programming tool can modify the library control programs or create new ones from scratch.

Other features include support for up to nine I/O expansion modules in a compact configuration or remotely mounted up to 1,000 feet away; access to Carrier’s communicating sensors for sensing environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and CO2 in a building; and built-in diagnostic tools to help operators troubleshoot BACnet network communications as well as capture BACnet traffic.

For more information: www.carrier.com

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StreamLabs Control Valve

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 6:55:32 AM

StreamLabs Control_Front-webThe new ultrasonic StreamLabs Control valve allows monitoring of water use, checking for leaks and turning water off with a smartphone. The device is truly “smart” in that it can learn water use patterns and tip users off to abnormalities, such as excessive flow, or too-high or low pressure, humidity or water temperature. There’s also a downloadable drip alert app, Drip Detect, which can be checked daily, weekly or monthly. And, it has Home and Away modes to ensure household protection whenever needed.

StreamLabs Control is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets, and it integrates with Google Nest and Amazon Alexa for smarthome-style monitoring. API access is available upon request.

The unit’s compact size makes it less-obtrusive than competing products. Installation is fairly simple; owners pretty much need to know how to cut the piping. A caveat: The unit is rated only for indoor use or within a weather-proof enclosure. StreamLabs hopes to have an outdoor-compatible unit on the market soon.

For more information: www.streamlabswater.com/control

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LeakSmart Leak Detection Tool

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 13, 2020 4:31:28 PM

LeakSmart Protect_Hub_Sensor_Family 300Water damage is no fun—ask any homeowner who has spent thousands of dollars repairing walls or floors, or replacing furniture due to an exploded pipes or cracked water lines. Protect by LeakSmart with Flow is a leak detection system designed to automatically prevent such disasters.

A key innovation is LeakSmart’s auto-shutoff capabilities. When unwanted water is detected, the LeakSmart sensor springs into action, sounding an alarm, sending an alert and prompting the system’s valve to shut off the main water supply. This fast response can prevent rapid and costly damage that results in significant wasted resources for repairs and replacement of floors, walls and ceilings. About 40 percent of damaging leaks come from appliances, 40 percent from in-wall leaks and 20 percent from natural flooding.

Another innovative feature of this system is its ability to continue monitoring for leaks during a power outage, as there is battery power for the hub and the shutoff valve. Homebuilders and homeowners alike are protected with LeakSmart’s five-year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased and installed by a professional installer.

For more information: leaksmart.com

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Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 13, 2020 4:18:35 PM

Flo by Moen_glam2-webMoen and partner Flo Technologies have become household names in home water security. Its Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff already gives homeowners a way to detect leaks and turn off household water via their smartphones to prevent damage to walls or floors. Now, the company’s Smart Water Detector ups the ante.

Smart Water Detector is a standalone, 3.5-inch sensor that can be placed anywhere in a house to alert users if, and when, it detects moisture to help prevent water damage and loss. If the detector senses the presence of water, freezing temperatures or high humidity, it will alert users through a push notification in the Flo by Moen and Moen smartphone apps. Homeowners can use and connect multiple detectors within their home and if they also have the Smart Water Shutoff, a leak sensed by the Smart Water Detector can automatically trigger the shutoff feature to protect the home from water damage.

The Smart Water Detector can also work independently from the Smart Water Shutoff, giving consumers the opportunity to achieve smart home water management at any reasonable budget.

For more information: www.moen.com

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