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Polyglass Velociflex High-Wind Roof Assembly System

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 9:05:37 AM

Polyglass Velociflex system-300-webStorm-tolerant roofing does not get the job done on its own. Polyglass U.S.A. fills that gap with its Velociflex high-wind roof assembly system. Velociflex provides for high speed wind protection of up to 270 pounds per square foot.

The core of Velociflex is two or three plies of reinforced modified bitumen membranes. Suitable for new or reroofing projects, this multi-ply system comprises of a mechanically fastened base sheet, optional interply, and a heat-welded or cold-applied cap sheet. Velociflex is ideal for both steel and concrete decks.

The self-venting Velociflex system’s “loose-laid,” mechanically attached base sheet reduces the likelihood of blistering from substrate to membrane. Attached at the seams only, it also limits material and labor costs. Plus, the watertight system acts as a temporary roof once base sheet seams are heat-welded. Fast and efficient to install, the Velociflex system dries in fast, so projects can proceed with phased construction before cap sheet installation.

Velociflex complies with 2016 Title 24 Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements and is ENERGY STAR® Certified. The system is also compatible with a variety of SBS and APP cap sheets from Polyglass, including Elastoflex, Polyflex, and Elastoshield membranes.

For more information: www.polyglass.us

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