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Marvin Skycove Alcove

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 10:16:31 AM

Marvin Skycove Beauty Image #1-webIf a home’s footprint seems too small, window maker Marvin has a way to easily add a few more square feet per room. The Skycove is a fully constructed, immersive low-e3 glass alcove that extends the functional living space within a home by up to 20 square feet.

Sightlines of less than 3 inches, including vertical posts, create a seamless connection to the outdoors and more light than traditional rough openings. The cantilevered structure provides unique, elevated vantage points and the top glass opens the view to the sky above. The unit can handle more weight than the average outdoor deck—roughly 60 pounds per square foot vs. 50 pounds—without additional structural support.
The depth of the seat is half the width of a queen-sized bed and the largest-sized unit is 8.5 feet long, easily large enough for two but cozy enough for one.

An aluminum interior provides a clean aesthetic with elemental material, and its seating bench can be finished to suit any design style. Skycove comes with an insulated seat base with a color-matched aluminum soffit system so no additional exterior finishing work is needed.

For more information: www.marvin.com

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Sierra Pacific Westchester Double Hung Window

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 10:14:32 AM

Sierra Pacific Westchester window-webWhen working with history, go with a history maker. The Westchester Double Hung Window by Sierra Pacific Windows offers structural and thermal performance ratings that are rarely found in double-hung windows. The new line also features the narrowest check-rail sightline for high end windows, along with historically accurate sash proportions. This makes the product beneficial for historic homes—which have a strict set of preservation criteria—and modern homes that owners simply want to immerse with the latest and greatest.

With a performance rating of PG50 on most standard sizes, the Westchester line has 0.28 U-value with dual insulated Lo-E 366 and argon, and a triple insulated glass U-value of 0.17. The windows feature a thermally broken sash construction, integral aluminum nail fin, a constant force balances standard, and optional Class 5 Hybrid Spiral Balance for sash of up to 140 pounds.

The heavy duty doors, suitable for residential or commercial use, feature extra-thick 0.055-inch extruded aluminum cladding for a low-maintenance exterior. They are surface protected by Sierra Pacific’s exclusive CoreGuard Plus™ wood protection product. And, the company’s concealed jambliner is a real upgrade to a natural, all-wood interior free from unsightly vinyl.

For more information: sierrapacificwindows.com

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Kolbe Windows Forgent Series

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 10:09:14 AM

Kolbe-2020-IBS-ForgentSeries_AB408-webNew construction or replacement projects with short lead times can benefit from a strong, stylish window that can be quickly installed. Kolbe Windows’ Forgent Series is a high-performance product line constructed of Glastra® —a proprietary hybrid of fiberglass and UV-stable polymer formulated for strength and resilience.

The advanced ladder design adds strength, while promoting long-term durability and energy efficiency for comfortable homes. An integral nailing fin and welded sash and frame provide rigidity—keeping units square, and preventing air and water from entering the joint. It also requires fewer sealing points and is more-rigid than a traditional fin.

A glazing bead receptor helps create a clean breakpoint during painting and staining. An accessory groove allows for quick installation of exterior accessories without additional clips. And, dry-glazed sash allows for serviceable sash and components.

Adapting to the market’s aesthetic and performance demands, Forgent Series windows and doors are engineered with Glastra on the exterior, and a choice of wood or Glastra on the interior, both with popular select finishes. The windows’ energy efficiency and durability also lead to fewer callbacks, which saves time and money, and keeps customers happy.

For more information: www.kolbewindows.com/Forgent

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LP WeatherLogic Water Screen

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 9:53:53 AM

LP WeatherLogic Water Screen-webLP Building Solutions’ WeatherLogic® Water Screen can maximize a project’s moisture retention protection to help extend the life of exterior surfaces via increased ventilation and drainage. It provides an added layer of protection to mold growth to help improve performance of housewrap or WRB sheathing. It’s also lightweight and easy to install.

The Water Screen is available as a synthetic polymer-based screen that can be used with OSB and a WRB housewrap, or in conjunction with an integrated panel, such as the LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier. Installs like regular sheathing for potential labor savings while keeping jobsites cleaner and more professional.

The product works well with all other LP structural products. It also comes with a 25-year warranty. The Water Barrier is part of the LP Structural Solutions portfolio, which the company notes has a single goal: helping the industry work toward better, more resilient homes to help stand up to whatever nature can throw at it.

For more information: www.lpcorp.com

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Georgia-Pacific DensDefy Membrane

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 9:50:09 AM

G-P DensDefy_TransitionMembrane-webWater intrusion during construction can cost a fortune in rework-related expenses and time. To counter this, Georgia-Pacific unveils DensDefy™ Liquid Flashing, a flexible liquid-flashing membrane that seals and protects against water intrusion for transitions between substrates at rough openings, penetrations, joints, sheathing fasteners and seams, and unwanted air movement.

DensDefy Liquid Flashing is highly durable and eliminates the need for joint reinforcing tape, reducing overall preparation time. It’s ideal for gaps of more than 1 inch wide and for transitions between different materials. The product is fast cure—even under moist conditions—and may be applied in low temperatures and high elongations. It can tolerate rain immediately after application, without 12-month exposure to normal weather conditions, and is easy to install without primer.

Liquid Flashing works in conjunction with the DensDefy Transition Membrane, a flexible, self-adhering membrane used to maintain continuity of the above-grade water-resistant barrier and air barrier at complicated transition areas. The robust adhesive bonds easily to most building substrates.

For more information: www.densdefy.com

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CETCO ULTRASEAL AB Waterproofing Membrane

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 9:43:35 AM

CETCO Ultraseal AB-webIncorporating a new pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, the enhanced ULTRASEAL® AB waterproofing membrane bonds tenaciously to concrete to prevent water migration. ULTRASEAL AB waterproofing membrane bonds once concrete is poured against its membrane surface. Unlike other adhesive-bonding membranes, its Active Polymer Core (APC) waterproofing layer self-seals small punctures and tears commonly caused during construction activities. The product’s adhesive layer protects the polymers from moisture during construction, which enables it to be installed in all weather conditions and both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions.

ULTRASEAL AB waterproofing membrane is designed primarily for under slab and property line foundation shoring wall construction, including soldier pile and lagging, metal sheet piling, auger cast caisson, shotcrete, and stabilized earth retention walls. It can be used in backfilled conditions as well.

ULTRASEAL rolls are lightweight and easy to handle, with exceptional flexibility for maximum conformability when fitting to a structure. it can be installed directly to green concrete and placed as soon as forms are removed—no need to wait for the concrete to cure—and can be installed without primers or adhesives, even in extreme temperatures.

For more information: www.cetco.com

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CalPlant Rice Straw Fiberboard

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 9:37:03 AM

CalPlant_product_2019-final-webFor all of medium-density fiberboard (MDF)’s properties, the ones that are least attractive are the formaldehyde-based resins that kill the sinuses. CalPlant offers a non-smelly, durable and very green version made from rice straw.

The converted material is a boon to the environment—rice straw is an agricultural waste with no practical value. California, the nation’s second-largest rice producer, has banned its burning, forcing farmers to flood their fields to speed the decomp process. This wastes thousands of gallons of water and release tons of methane into the air.

CalPlant’s MDF performs similar, and in some cases better than, traditional wood fiber-based product in terms of durability and moisture resistance. It’s ideal for interior installs, such the cross bands in plied composite panels, laminate flooring, doors, and carved molding and trims. Instead of urea formaldehyde, the rice straw fiber is held together with polymeric methylene-diphenyl-diisocyanate (pMDI), a green building and State-sanctioned adhesive resin common in the composite panel industry.

Currently CalPlant crafts its product using only California-based rice straw, but the process could be expanded to other locales in the near future.

For more information: www.calplant1.com

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Lockly Secure Smart Lock

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 9:31:58 AM

Lockly Secure Pro-300-webLockly creates smart security solutions that can be installed onto any door, and provides users with maximum security and convenience. That means heading into high-tech territory with Lockly Secure, a smart lock with amenities such as 3D biometric fingerprint sensors, smartphone-enabled locks and security-enhanced digital displays.

Access codes are a big part of Lockly’s success. A mobile app quickly locks and unlock doors and easily creates access codes for family, friends and property tenants. Lockly Secure Pro technology also includes sensors that always monitor door status, and status checks status using the mobile app or voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

All Lockly smart locks are equipped with the company’s award-winning, patented PIN Genie software that provides an extra layer of security by scrambling the numbers on the digital display so that they are not stationary and located in the same spot every time. Lockly Secure is also the only smart lock able to generate multiple access codes without an internet connection. This feature is extremely useful for quickly sending remote access codes to any Lockly Secure location without having to rely on Wi-Fi—perfect for multiple home and office locations.

For more information: www.lockly.com

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1Valet Customizable Smart Building Ecosystem

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 9:28:21 AM

iValet 3d render kiosks dec 31-webFor builders and developers, constructing a luxury multi-residential dwelling has long meant constructing a building that includes a number of traditional mundane amenities, and wrapping it with high-end interior finishes. Today’s most desirable multi-family developments are innovative, smartphone-centric buildings that connect residents and empower them to control every aspect of their living experience.

1VALET takes otherwise independent building components and management tasks and combines them into one intuitive, user-friendly building management solution. The platform acts as the operating system of the building, simplifying management operations for new builds or retrofits.

Interactive and sleek touchscreen consoles replace conventional phone-booth-style intercom dialing in lobbies and vestibules. Smartphone video calling and access logs inform users of who is attempting to enter the building, while facial recognition, virtual keys and PIN codes provide keyless community access for residents, guests and staff.

The system’s Property Management Portal allows building managers to access and manage any property remotely through an HD camera network dashboard. They can easily manage resident, guest or vendor access privileges, dispatch elevators to any floor, manage all vital building systems, and receive emergency alerts. Even tenant turnover becomes a digital process through one-click door rekeying and resident information removal.

For more information: www.1valet.com

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Broan-Nutone Line Voltage Doorbell

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 14, 2020 9:24:01 AM

Broan BKL340_Chime sideWhen it comes to using a doorbell, things can’t be much simpler: push a button. Installing one is another matter, but Broan-Nutone has found a way to simplify that. The company’s new Line Voltage Doorbell builder’s kit has a built-in transformer and a wireless, battery-free kinetic pushbutton for quick, easy installation.

That gives homeowners a choice of the traditional wired line—which goes directly to line voltage to save installation time—or the kinetic wireless, which requires no batteries or power lines running outside the house. This is a huge timesaver for installers. And it’s a great convenience for the homeowner.

Each variety of Line Voltage has other unique features. The wired doorbell can also be paired with two other doors using the kinetic version. The wireless unit has eight different tones to select from, while the wired unit offers distinct front and back tones. And, the wired unit’s buttons include long-lasting LED bulbs, ensuring that house guests are never left in the dark.

For more information: www.broan-nutone.com

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